Optimized plugins. Great job board solutions. Welcome to EngineThemes’ Extension page!

Call this a fashion store of your EngineThemes’ sites, but mind you, ET extensions are more than mere style. They are necessities as your purchase of every extension explicitly echoes what’s on your head, “I badly need this for my site.”

We’ve been receiving a slew of helpful feedback from our dear customers over time. Many of those feedback contain requests for new features for JobEngine.

Amid these calls, we don’t just implement every requested feature in haste. JobEngine sticks to its value of what a simple and effective job board is. More importantly, we value our customers’ requests by carefully analyzing the ideas and asking ourselves a lot of related, relevant questions.

Well, our existing plugins are the results of combined hard work and critical minds of EngineThemes’ team and our customers. And this is why not everything you want for your website is in this page — only the features well thought out to aid your site achieve greater performance.

Customized, Optimized Extensions


That every feature in our plugins works efficiently is one top priority. A site abounding with huge features is quite tempting. But think ahead! Including all your wanted features doesn’t mean bringing better experience for your users. Our experiences render us the reality that behind a few successful job sites is not a vast reservoir of features. Many job boarders have come to realize that besides the basic functions, what their sites seriously need are only a few customized and optimized add-ons. EngineThemes extensions are designed to don your site with plugins that powered efficiency and convenience. Like a buddy, each extension will help you and your site achieve a specific and defined goal.


We build every plugin with simplicity in mind. Sleek and easy to manipulate menus won’t take your whole time deciphering how one feature functions.

We Grow our Business in Synergy

What do you think of our extensions? Have you got more smart ideas for a JobEngine extension worth introducing to our job board community? Feel free to add your opinions below or vote for the best ideas and we will surely consider adding them to our future plan.

In case you’re a WordPress developer, here is a great opportunity for a new source of income. Why not develop plugins yourself, have them published in our store and earn 65% for each sale? For more information and detailed terms, shoot us an email at contact@enginethemes.com.


  • Hans Steup
    Apr  19TH,  2013

    Thank you for “But think ahead! Including all your wanted features doesn’t mean bringing better experience for your users.” 😉

    Great work !

    – Hans

    • Anh Chau
      Apr  20TH,  2013

      Hans, thanks for your words! We’re still waiting for your response to our last email. 😉

      • Hans Steup
        Apr  20TH,  2013

        … coming 🙂

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