It took us some time to finally release what we think are must-have plugins for your JobEngine. Have you visited our Extensions page yet? We currently got five extensions in store and we’re adding two more called JE Custom Fields and JE Coupon.

JE Custom Fields: Personalize your Post-a-Job form

Everyone just loves the idea of personalizing things. Not only it gives one freedom to do what he wants but also speaks of satisfaction that one gets from doing something his heart dictates.

JE Custom Fields has something to do with making the Post a Job form in your JobEngine a personalized one. Besides the default job information fields, are there other job details you need your employers to provide for jobseekers? How about a field for the application submission’s end-period? Length of contract? Work shifts? Surely, employers would like to have them on their job page and jobseekers would want to see those information, too.

With JE Custom Fields, you’ll gain more control to the information seen on the job page of your board. Add new fields, decide if display is in text, date, or drop-down form, and choose whether the field is required or you’ll just let your job posters decide to fill it out or not. Edit or delete fields anytime you deem an overhaul is needed.

What do you think – isn’t it cool and great to give your job board a touch of personalized service?

JE Coupon: Generosity in discount codes

Who doesn’t like discounts? Just hearing the word or its relative terms as sale, promo, and rebates is enough to ring a bell and haste people into making rush decisions. In short, JE Coupon would be a great buddy to boost your “sales productivity.” Let’s count the ways:

– A discount can help undecided employers to immediately decide and start posting jobs on your site.
– It will encourage regular job posters to post more jobs.
– It can transform a regular customer into a loyal client.
– It can effectively draw customers of competitors to your own site; and the list goes on…

From behind, JE Coupon is a tool to increase productivity. In one way or another, it reflects your generosity to companies and people who keep your business going. On being generous, going all-out or keeping it at a fair level is exclusively your right.

Manage your “generosity” by creating discount codes through JE Coupon. Select whether the discount is slashed by percent or by a fixed amount. Choose if discount is applied to selected or all payment plans. Decide if you want a reusable or a one-time use coupon code.

  • Milan
    May  12TH,  2013

    This is great! 🙂 Could you please include these new extensions in the official demo instalation?

    Kind regards.

    • Anh Chau
      May  13TH,  2013

      Thanks, Milan! We’re actually finding a clearer way to demo these extensions than including them in the current demo site. It should not take much time, though. We’ll try to get this issue sorted this week.

      • Davor
        May  13TH,  2013

        We are looking forward to it 🙂

  • Agency Jobs
    May  13TH,  2013

    Would love to see the following in an update

    Alternate Theme/Skins: Would love for you guys to release a few new optional themes work for a job site lay-out. This theme is nice and to the point but it doesnt give a company a chance to highlight themselves (via standard menus like ‘About Us, Contact Us, Etc) or add much personality to the site to match your company’s personality. I understand the ‘to the point/bare bones’ design — but i would just love to see some alternates (better place to but a true logo, better (more standard) menu control, different lay-outs (some even job site standard) — etc. I would still love the color controls and background controls in any new theme you built — i think thats an awesome piece of functionality

    This could be another revenue stream as you could charge people for the alternative themes. Release 1 or 2 a quarter — before you know it you’ll have a good 6-8 built up and new customers could also be able to purchase with the base theme or add a new premium theme on.

    Just a thought

  • Agency Jobs
    May  14TH,  2013

    Love the discount codes and custom field options

  • Brian
    May  23RD,  2013

    I have to say that I agree completely with ‘agency jobs’ and others. A simple contact us and about us page are surely of paramount importance? I understand and agree with your philosophy of simplicity – that the site / theme should just deliver what people expect from it – information on jobs available, but potential paying customers of any type of website will need trust and the first port of call for them is to find out about the website owners and how to get in touch with them.

    • Anh Chau
      May  24TH,  2013

      We actually thought creating WordPress pages dedicated to these functions is easy enough. But you’re right, we should think more of how to support job board owners to create these pages more easily.

  • Garrett
    Jun  07TH,  2013

    Is there an option for expired job listings (with a note they are expired) to remain visible on the website? I only ask this because, until a website is receiving a lot of traffic, more content (job posts) will help a site rank in the search engines for your keywords.

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