We always want to keep our theme focused and simply effective, so we have thought out that many specific features shouldn’t make it into the theme. However, it’s a fact that some of them would be really helpful for a large number of jobboarders — and failing to support those features will be such a disappointment.

Therefore, we are introducing to you the first EngineThemes extensions: JE Indeed and JE RSS, standard WordPress plugins that extend JobEngine’s abilities. Alternatively, these extensions will do the work of the features that are not part of JobEngine’s main features.

The two extensions are not our latest news since we have already released them last week. It’s just that we didn’t have enough time to talk more about them not until today. The JE Indeed extension has been upgraded to version 2.0, which includes the feature to schedule job importation tasks; while JE RSS, in its first version, came with features to either import jobs manually or as manage.

Here is an overview of what you can do with these two extensions:

JE Indeed

JE Indeed helps you monetize your job board by importing jobs from Indeed.com. If you’ve already heard about the Indeed Publisher Program, you should have understood how the extensions functions.

Once activated, JE Indeed will be shown in your backend panel with two sections:

1/ Manual: Search for jobs in Indeed.com matching your requirements, then select the ones you want to import to your job board. You can also put them in the category and job type that you want in your job board.

2/ Manage: You may want to remove some of the imported jobs now and then. This is where to go.

Your imported jobs will display in your job board as normal jobs, but with the required Indeed logo. When job seekers click on the job link, they will be redirected to that job page in Indeed.com.

Indeed jobs in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Indeed jobs in JobEngine


Similar to JE Indeed, JE RSS helps you to import jobs from outside sources to your job board. Enter your RSS job feeds and retrieve jobs from these sites, it’s that simple.

Like JE Indeed, the JE RSS extension also has three sections: Manual and Manage.

To import jobs manually, enter your job feed and choose the jobs you want to import to your job board. Select the category and job type for them. Select an account to be their “author”.

Manually import jobs from RSS in JobEngine - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board

Manually import jobs from RSS in JobEngine

To automatically retrieve jobs from feeds, go to the Schedule tab and setup the schedules to run the tasks. You can add many RSS feeds that will import jobs to your job board regularly.

All your imported jobs from RSS will be displayed the same as the normal jobs in your homepage. You can also view the contents of these jobs in their own job page instead of going directly to Indeed.com as Indeed jobs.


These two extensions were the first ones to come. In the next few weeks, we will keep working on more extensions to help you make the most out of JobEngine. We hope to hear your feedback about these extensions and what we should do to improve them more.

The last thing, we’ve received many feedbacks from our beloved customers. There are many brilliant suggestions that pointed out JobEngine’s weakness for us. We are listening to your thoughts and we want to thank you all for your help. Those feedbacks will surely be considered.

Wish you all a good weekend!


  • Zee
    Jan  12TH,  2013

    RSS and Indeed are the best solutions for the backfill jobs, I love it! Enginethemes Team, please keep up the passion and create more greats extensions! Job Board Community behinds you!

    • Ben
      Jan  14TH,  2013

      Hi Zee, absolutely agree what you said. Keep up the good works,guys. I am looking forward your new theme.

  • Marty
    Jan  29TH,  2013

    Also, site owners should be able to post jobs to the job board manually, from inside the admin panel. With JE Indeed and JE Rss that would give site owners a good arsenal of tools to work with.

  • Michael Brown
    Dec  28TH,  2013

    I am looking to buy JE Custom Fields to extend my listings. When importing from a RSS feed am I able to map fields to these new custom fields? If so how and when I put it on a schedule will it be able to do this consistently.

  • Robert Hartung
    Jun  29TH,  2016

    Mobile versions fail

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