Introducing JE Paymill

Wider payment options, much easier and faster business transactions!

JobEngine releases today a new plugin which would be a great add-on to your cashless payment options. JE Paymill, with its wide currency coverage, lets you provide your customers with more choices when making payments alongside Google Checkout, Paypal, and 2Checkout.

Paymill caters at least 120 currencies to date and that is tantamount to making your JobEngine available to most people around the globe.

On site payment via Paymill - WordPress job board theme, job board software JobEngine

JE Paymill requires only a few information to process a payment: credit card number, expiry date, card’s code, card owner’s name, and address (the last two are even optional). Fewer required fields speed up payment transactions.

Paymill settings - WordPress job board theme, job board software JobEngine

JE Paymill is easy to use not only for payers but also for admins. Activation process is real quick. After installing and activating the plugin on your JobEngine, go to Settings > Payment > Payment Gateways. Click Paymill to open fields for secret key and public key. Enter your keys, hit Enable and you’re good to go.

JE Job Alert v1.2

Subscribers now have the option to take their email addresses off the subscription list. An Unsubscribe link comes on every job alert email.

Confirmation when unsubscribing - WordPress job board theme, job board software JobEngine

Of course, the link doesn’t work like magic in one click. When a subscriber clicks the link, we’re hoping he’ll still have second thought before finally making up his mind to stop receiving job alerts. Or possibly, he clicked the link by mistake so there’s the confirmation query.

  • Hans Steup
    Aug  14TH,  2013

    Thanks. By the way: Paymill is a German based service similar to Stripe. So you get help and support from Paymill in German language as well.

  • Agency Jobs
    Aug  23RD,  2013

    Paymill does not currently work with companies wanting to accept US currency who are also located in the US. From their support as of 8/22/2013: “right now we only work with companies located in Europe. “

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