After a few weeks of working intensively, today we’re thrilled to announce that MarketEngine plugin and ZeroEngine theme version 1.0.1 have been officially released with Custom Fields feature.

Actually, custom fields are really a perfect solution for any WordPress site that needs more flexible fields. Hence, we decided to conduct this feature in MarketEngine 1.0.1, allowing you to add extra fields that are displayed in the “Post a Listing” form.

With the Custom Fields, you can easily add as many fields as you want, which will be shown on the front-end. As a result, it’s more flexible for you to custom your post listing form according to each category.

How To Create Custom Fields In The MarketEngine?

You will find it so simple to create a new custom field, assigning to any category just a few steps below:

From your back-end, go to MarketEngine SettingsMarketplaceCustom Fields to add a new custom field.

  • Field Name: Enter your field name, please note that you cannot edit this name after submit the custom field. This name will display in the back-end so that you can distinguish a custom field from others.
  • Field Title: Enter the field title that will display on the front-end.

field name & title

  • Field Type: Choose the most appropriate type for your field.

field types

  • Required: You can select either “Yes” or “No” option. If you choose “Yes” for this option, seller cannot leave empty any fields of this custom field.


  • Available In Which Categories: You can select multiple categories you want to assigned to.

available category

  • Help text (optional): This field is optional. You should add content into this field to help sellers define this field in the form.

help text_back-end

This is how the help text should look like in the “Post a Listing” form:

help text_front-end

  • Description (optional): this field is optional. You should add the description into this field to help buyers understand what the field is.


This is how the description should look like in front-end:

description 4

Don’t forget to click “Save” to complete your settings.

This is how the custom field we’ve created should look like in front-end:

custom field front-end 2

How To Manage The Custom Fields?

You can easily manage and edit all custom fields you’ve created in the Custom Fields tab:

custom field-back-end

Along with editing a custom field, you can also show/hide a custom field as well as remove it.

Besides, MarketEngine allows you to sort custom fields by its category as the image below:

sort by category

After sorting custom field by its category, you can easily drag & drop to arrange the custom field order.


You should update your site to the latest versions of both MarketEngine plugin & ZeroEngine version 1.0.1 to make sure everything runs well.

Above are all about Custom Fields feature integrated into MarketEngine 1.0.1. For further help, please feel free to contact us via

  • Olatubosun Olajubu
    Jan  05TH,  2017

    Great job!
    Do I need to create a table in the database to store the custom filed??

    • Uyen Tran
      Jan  06TH,  2017


      All fields that created by Custom Field feature are always stored in the database automatically. You don’t need to create anything.

  • James Smith
    Jan  10TH,  2017

    Why can’t an admin edit a listing? That doesn’t make sense.

    • James Smith
      Jan  10TH,  2017

      Another question, will you add attributes and variations to listings?

  • sai
    Feb  15TH,  2017

    this is really a great post
    but funny thing is….
    when we install your theme and plugin and run the setup
    there are no pages like Home or Listing or listing category,
    there is no documetation to know how to create them…

    so do you think really there is use of your great features without any doc to explain, how to basic setup…
    *Yes i know its free

    • My Dang
      Feb  16TH,  2017

      Sorry for the bad experience. Setup documentation is to be posted soon in our Knowledge Base. We will notify you as soon as it’s available. Hope for your understanding.

      Best regards,

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