MarketEngine - Free WordPress Marketplace Plugin
It is undeniable that online marketplace is emerging as the world’s new shopping destination. The extreme convenience is the key reason explaining for the rapid boom of online marketplace platforms. We wanted to build a plugin dedicated to marketplace business model. This is important as it guides our path to developing a product that allows users to easily get marketplace up and running with the best focus on user interaction flows – easy selling, easy searching, and easy shopping.

There are no shortcuts to building a multi-vendor ecommerce platform. That’s why we build MarketEngine. The hard part of technical requirements are brilliantly solved, a clean and modern design to quickly attract users’ attention and improve focus on main areas, an effective search tool to best personalize the search results for each user, and an admin dashboard to give you complete control of how the plugin should work on your site. Make your move downloading MarketEngine today to start building up a great marketplace for your niche.




User Experience Optimization

One important factor when designing an effective user flow in any websites is to make it as easy and convenient as possible for your users to do any actions on site, from joining to become a member, to making further transactions. That’s what we are optimizing in MarketEngine.

MarketEngine - Free WordPress Marketplace Plugin


Sell anything. Fast and easy.

For sellers, they can easily submit listings for any services from sale, contact to rental. Each seller has his own profile page to introduce his talents and showcase listings on site. Product sale is certainly the most popular listing type, in which sellers offer a product for sale and buyers pay to own that product.

A successful marketplace model must understand market demands and be able to offer ultimate solutions. In fact, on a marketplace, it’s not always the case that service’s price is publicly posted, but requires deeper conversation and negotiation between sellers and buyers before closing any deals. Therefore, Inquiry section  is built into MarketEngine to match such need. Products/services are displayed on site as normal, interested buyers could contact sellers to have more details about the products.    

In Pro version, rental listing type will be available to let your users offer products/services for rent.


Quick search. And secure checkout.

For buyers, the process from searching for a product/service to making the purchase decision is also optimized.

Particularly, search tools to support users include the search box, filtering by categories, by listing types and by price range, the sorting by price or by newest order, and many more to come in updated versions to provide users with the most relevant results to their needs.

Next, listing detail page aims to create an impressive look, providing all information needed for the user to decide to proceed to checkout. Ratings and reviews from previous buyers are seamlessly displayed under each listing to increase the credibility of the seller as well as the quality of that product/service. Moreover, the hassle of paying is minimized to 3 steps with fast speed, smooth flow, and secure PayPal gateway.


Clean and modern design

People use plugins to extend functionality or add new features to their websites. Technically speaking, a plugin should be built to run well in any themes. Thus, it’s essential that the plugin’s design retain its minimal and flexible nature. Fortunately, minimal design is the style we have always followed and applied in our products, and MarketEngine is no exception. Built with a basic user interface, MarketEngine is good to go with almost all standard WordPress themes. All are beautiful, impressive but still neat and clean everytime, everywhere.

MarketEngine - Free WordPress Marketplace Plugin


Elegantly responsive

Another point you definitely need in a great design is a responsive look on any screen size. The mobile era is rising, thus your site really needs to look beautiful whether on desktop, tablet or mobile.


Best performance on ZeroEngine Theme

What’s more? There’s an issue that keeps us awake is the integration between plugin and theme, whether it looks good on this theme, what if it doesn’t have the best style running on that theme, etc. We kept asking all these questions and finally decided to make ZeroEngine WordPress Theme to show you the best performance of MarketEngine. ZeroEngine Theme is also the foundation for our developments to make other great themes supporting MarketEngine.


Manage every move anywhere, anytime

Last but not least is the ability for users to get notified and track the order as it goes, as well as your complete control of the plugin running on your site.

MarketEngine - Free WordPress Marketplace Plugin


Instant notifications. Order tracking by status.

All important notifications from when the order is made until when the order is completed are notified to related people via emails to make sure no activities are missed.

Also, users always stay on top of new changes made to their transactions. There’s a section in user profiles listing all the transactions made, and orders received. All can be filtered by keyword, by date and by status. Users could know what’s going on with the transactions by viewing the status (Pending, Completed, Disputed, Resolved, and Closed).


Admin dashboard management

In MarketEngine Dashboard, you are free to adjust the settings to make it suitable for your marketplace. Three main settings sections include Marketplace, Payment Gateway and Pages.

PayPal Adaptive is integrated to handle all payments. Upon a payment is made, the money will be sent to seller, and commission fee is transferred to your account. Input your PayPal Adaptive API, and set the commission rate (by percentage), then you’re ready to start accepting payments.


Own Your MarketEngine Today. It’s Free!

Today is a special day as after months of planning and developing, we’re excited to introduce MarketEngine – Our Free WordPress Marketplace Plugin.

If all of this sounds great to you and you want to try MarketEngine before downloading, then we are happy to invite you to try its live demo to explore the fun. Building a marketplace is a hard job but we believe MarketEngine is one of the keys you need to unlock your successful ecommerce platform.

This is the first release version of MarketEngine Free Plugin, and we’re already working on the next versions and planning for Pro features. More features will soon be added in the next updates. As we hope you like the plugin as much as we do, we really appreciate to receive your feedback and suggestions so that we can better prioritize necessary features for you.  



  • Dannie Herdyawan
    Nov  23RD,  2016

    Hi, are this plugin can sell digital file? I mean, can i sell zip or stock photo?

    • Anh Chau
      Nov  24TH,  2016

      Not yet at the current version, but downloadable-products support is on our roadmap, Dannie. Thanks for writing in!

  • Aiyejino Victory
    Nov  23RD,  2016

    another great plugin from enginethemes, i have been waiting long for this plugin, ama test it out soon and give an exclusive review on

    • Anh Chau
      Nov  24TH,  2016

      Thanks for your kind words Aiyejino! We’ll keep the updates rolling in the coming months.

  • Newstrotter
    Nov  23RD,  2016

    This marketplace theme looks simple, but beautiful. Looking forward to purchasing it.

  • tempoblog tempoblog
    Nov  23RD,  2016

    i have problems….i’m using ZeroEngine theme and MarketEngine plugin but on the home page there is only blog posts and not the products… you have any instructions?


    • José Manuel
      Nov  29TH,  2016

      Hi: did you receive any answer? I have the same problem as you with the Home page: where to display all the posted listings? After a couple of emails no reply has come. Thanks for sharing the solution.

      • tempoblog tempoblog
        Dec  08TH,  2016

        no, i didn’t receive any answer…..

  • Waheed Qanavizian
    Nov  24TH,  2016

    is it support german language ?


    • Anh Chau
      Nov  25TH,  2016

      Unfortunately, not yet. We plan to push the localization project soon and will notify you as soon as it’s available. Thanks, Waheed.

  • gopija gopija
    Nov  25TH,  2016

    where is the installation document ?
    in ur footer there is an bug , documentation and forums is not working …

  • Oomair
    Nov  25TH,  2016


    Since paypal adaptive is no longer offered by paypal, will you be implenting braintree for adaptive payments?


    • Anh Chau
      Nov  25TH,  2016

      We have plan for it and will push it further in the coming months. Thanks for writing in, Oonmair!

  • charleswaltair charleswaltair
    Nov  25TH,  2016

    any one having difficulty in installing Zeroengine while trying out marketengine plugin ? if yes pls share your solution, i am waiting to continue trying built a site like the one show in the demo : -)
    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.

    • charleswaltair charleswaltair
      Nov  25TH,  2016

      Zeroengine is actually the theme : -)
      great quick support from enginthme guys

  • Prerak Patel
    Nov  26TH,  2016

    Very nice but needs following:
    1) Social Media Login
    2) Location based search (country or zipcode filtering)
    3) Contact Seller link under seller profiles ( to ask questions before purchase)
    4) Tabbed description
    5) Video upload or youtube video embedding in addition to product pictures

  • Nov  29TH,  2016

    hi guys
    i have installed the zero but i can not install the market … why?
    it say the urlnot good
    what is the problem??? :(((

  • khaled alshgran
    Dec  01ST,  2016

    I tried to installe the theme but it doesn’t work ?? any idea ?

  • Sergio Garcia
    Dec  01ST,  2016


    I have the same problem, I can not install marketEngine plugin because is say “url package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found – Plugin install failed”.

    Can you help me, please?.

    Thank you.

    • uyen uyen
      Dec  02ND,  2016

      Hello guys,

      We’re so sorry for this inconvenience.
      If you have any issue with installing the theme, simply drop us an email to with the URL + admin account. I will check all carefully and provide a hotfix soon!

      Many thanks,

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