Wanna speed up your website? Then you will need CDN (Content Delivery Network) service.
Probably  not many of you are fully aware of  CDN, while having it is very helpful for your global business  In this blog post, we will give you  an overview of CDN and how our partner, MaxCDN, can help your business .

What is MaxCDN?

MaxCDN is a content delivery network provider that helps companies accelerate static and dynamic content around the world. Their content delivery network is a large distributed network of servers which are used to serve a website’s files to its visitors.

When a visitor come to your WordPress site, they will be directed to your web host’s server (i.e HostGator). For example, your web host’s server is located in Austin, Texas. It means every visitors of your website all have to access this one server to view your website. If the traffic gets high, your server will be overloaded which can cause slow loading time or even server crash.


This is when MaxCDN becomes necessary. MaxCDN spreads their servers throughout the world so that your static content can be stored on all of these servers. Once visitors come to your website, MaxCDN will direct them to their closest global server.


Why is CDN important for your site?

Below is some advantages that you can get when you use CDN:

  • Increase site loading speed.
  • Prevent server crash
  • Reduce the bounce rate on your site
  • Reach global audience
  • Increase pageviews and number of page viewed by visitors
  • Rank higher in Search Engine
  • Automatically maintain and upgrade your files
  • and much more

Who should use MaxCDN?

Whether you are a designer, a business owner or a developer as long as you own a WordPress website using one of our products ( EstateEngine, DirectoryEngine, ClassifiedEngine, JobEngine, FreelanceEngine, … or OneEngine) or normally just a website, you are encouraged to use CDN. 🙂
It not only improves your site performance but also adds reliability and effectivity to your website.

EngineThemes’ Perk

Since MaxCDN became one of EngineThemes’ partner, of course they will offer community special perk only for you.

Use code enginethemes to get 25% off your first month’s bill with MaxCDN. Visit here!



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