Meet our MicrojobEngine guys: Thien N.

Have you ever wondered who stand behind MicrojobEngine? What are they like?

Behind every successful product is an elite team of fearless individuals, working together to build a legacy. Only one more month and MicrojobEngine will be 1 year old. This is such a special milestone as it marks the journey we’ve been through together. A lot of hard times but somehow we made it in the end. So we are here today, and very delighted to bring to you a whole new interesting series of stories about ourselves.

We know many of you would (or would not 🙁 ) love to know the people behind MicrojobEngine. But before you ask, we decided to unveil ourselves. It’s gonna be a bit about who we are, what we do in MicrojobEngine, and some sneak peek about the future. With this series, we want to sketch a bigger picture of what it’s like building a software product and make MicrojobEngine more human to you. Not as gorgeous as the models on the catwalk but we tried our best for this debut. Hope you have fun time reading our stories ;).

Let’s start with the first interview with Thien Nguyen – our passionate but also funny developer.


I believe MicrojobEngine can solve online business problem

Hi, could you briefly introduce yourself to the audience?
My name is Thien Nguyen, a WordPress Developer.

What do you do for WordPress and how long have you been using it?
It’s been 4 years. Currently, I’m working as a back-end developer for MicrojobEngine.

What about MicrojobEngine that makes you feel excited and decide to go with it?
I love coding, I love WordPress. More importantly, I want to develop useful features for MicrojobEngine, making it a real good and meaningful product for customers. I believe MicrojobEngine can solve online business problem, help them build a solid platform connecting sellers and buyers without spending too much effort and money.

Meet our MicrojobEngine guys: Thien N.

In which MjE version did you get the most stress? Can you share more about that time?
It was the first version as it was my first time to join and build a product from scratch. Many obstacles. I had to learn about the new technology, about EngineThemes coding. Then I tried to improve and adjust the codes to suit MicrojobEngine. Currently, I’m also testing and applying the latest technology to MicrojobEngine for better development.

How about good times. Any memorable moments?
It was when MicrojobEngine was first released. I got extremely nervous, did not know whether customers liked it or not. And there’re also many memorable moments with my team. But what makes me especially feel excited is whenever I receive a positive feedback from customers. Feel like I’m on cloud nine the whole day.


I hope that one day when thinking of marketplace business model, people will think of MicrojobEngine first

What do you think when reading customers’ feedbacks about MjE?
I welcome all feedbacks from customers. Of course, I’m happy with good comments and quite worried when there’re any bugs. But not sad at all when customers report bugs or require more features because all requirements stem from their business needs. I’m just worried that if I didn’t do my best, it would affect the customers.

So listen to customer feedbacks, both positive and negative, is a good way to improve the product.

Meet our MicrojobEngine guys: Thien N.

In 2017 Roadmap, which feature or extension that you’re most interested in, and which is the most challenging? Why?
I like User Profile and User Level parts. The most challenging one is User Level. This feature is expected to help increase website traffic, and motivate sellers to work more actively. Besides, User Level is a good tool to help admin earn more revenue from selling User Level Package.

What do you think about MjE future?
I want to make MicrojobEngine way better to benefit many more customers. I hope that one day when thinking of marketplace business model, people will think of MicrojobEngine first. And, it’ll be great if MicrojobEngine revenue is higher :D.

If you could choose again, would you choose to build MicrojobEngine?
Definitely yes. MicrojobEngine is the brainchild of me and my whole team.


My heart beats fast everyday counting down to MjE birthday

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Perfectionist, gentle, and passionate learner.

Meet our MicrojobEngine guys: Thien N.

What would you do to deal with stress?
Play some guitar and draw.

Draw?! Sounds so cool. I’m imagining a picture drawn by a web developer.
No need to imagine. Here are 2 pictures I drew a couple months ago.

Meet our MicrojobEngine guys: Thien N.

Thien – The Hunter

Meet our MicrojobEngine guys: Thien N.


What are your hobbies?
Do some small projects with my friends, also a good occasion to learn new stuff. I like football, my position is forwards. I also have a personal blog. Writing is a good practice to express my viewpoint.

MjE has grown to 1 year old. Must be a lot of mixed feelings. Can you share with us your thoughts, and say some words to MjE customers?
My heart beats fast everyday counting down to MjE birthday. A bit worried because a big version and more extensions will be released.

I would like to thank all customers that have been with us for the past one year. Really hope to receive support from more customers and MicrojobEngine is introduced to even more users.

Thank you for the interesting talk. I appreciate your dedication to MicrojobEngine and wish you the best in your life.

Thank audience for reading until the end. We hope you enjoyed it. See you next Friday with the interview with An Nguyen – the giant designer.

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