FreelanceEngine is our cornerstone that meets the ever increasing demand of a majority of people who try to find the most powerful freelance marketplace theme. Therefore, besides the main theme, we are perfecting this project bidding site with useful features and extensions. In this November, we are proud to announce the release of Milestone – a practical extension working as a helpful project tracker.

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FrE Milestone – an effective project tracking extension

FreelanceEngine Milestone extension

As its name says, FrE Milestone is a FreelanceEngine new extension that boosts project control by enabling employer to add a road map for his project and freelancer to easily measure the project scope and follow the timeline. Milestone is like the project skeleton as it points out what needs to be done in order to complete the project. When everything is clearly set out, the communication flow between employer and freelancer would be more effective and smoother.

We build customer-centered products; thus, Milestone extension was made as a result of taking customer comments into consideration. We believe this extension will be an efficient assistant in project tracking.

Milestone extension – Greatly boosts up workflow efficiency of your freelance marketplace website

Milestone extension is a must-have addition to your freelance website as it would significantly improve the workflow efficiency and solve business problem among employers, freelancers, and business owners.

  • Employer can easily track the work progress with a set of checklist. and his project is likely to attract more bidders as freelancers find it easier to follow the project.
  • Freelancer could easily figure out what employer wants in order to allocate proper time to do the task. Furthermore, marking as Resolved when finishing each task is beneficial for freelancer in case of dispute because there is higher likelihood that he gets paid for completed parts of the whole project.
  • Admin, in case of dispute during the project, can rely on milestones’ status to determine how to resolve the money properly for employer and freelancer.

How FrE Milestone extension improves project tracking experience?

Now let’s go into details of what admin, employer, and freelancer can do with Milestone extension.

  • Admin – Control settings:

In the back-end (Dashboard/ Engine Settings/ Milestone), admin can set the maximum number of milestones per project as well as email templates for each step of the project including: milestone updating, resolving, reopening and closing.

freelanceengine milestone extension 2

  • Employer – Create milestones:

In the front-end, when employer posts a project, in step 2 “Entering project details”, there appears a section for employer to add milestones of the project.

To add more milestones, just click Enter when finishing a milestone. A new box would show up for employer to fill in the next milestone.

freelanceengine milestone extension 3

To change the order of milestones, use the arrow on each milestone to drag & drop.

freelanceengine milestone extension 4

After posting project, if employer updates the milestones (adding more, removing some milestones, or changing milestone details), all project bidders will be notified via email.

Note: When employer has selected a freelancer for the project, both will open the workspace to start working on the project. From this time, employer cannot make any change to the milestones.

However, employer can mark a milestone as Closed even when freelancer has not resolved it. This feature allows employer to remove any unnecessary milestone when the project is in progress.

freelanceengine milestone extension 5

  • Freelancer – Resolve a milestone:

When finishing a step, freelancer can mark Resolved in drop-down menu under each milestone (see image below). Employer will receive an email when freelancer resolves a milestone.

Note: Freelancer cannot undo this action. If he wants to reopen the milestone, he has to contact the employer.

freelanceengine milestone extension 6

  • Employer – Close or reopen a milestone:

After freelancer resolves a milestone, the employer has 2 options: close or reopen that milestone.

freelanceengine milestone extension 7

Freelancer will be notified of employer’s action via email.

Optimize your project bidding theme with powerful Milestone project tracking extension

If you are currently running your freelance marketplace website with FreelanceEngine theme, you should never miss this chance to be one of the first owners of FrE Milestone to upgrade your site and create better experience for your customers.

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Since the day our FreelanceEngine Marketplace theme made its debut, we have received great contributing feedback as well as valuable ideas from our beloved customers. As we are on the go upgrading FreelanceEngine theme and developing supportive plugins, it would be great hearing you share your comments so that our products could better serve your needs. Please stay tuned for more exciting news from us!

  • Francisco
    Nov  11TH,  2015

    This plugin does not make any sense at all if the freelancer cant get paid per milestone, i don’t see any added value

  • Don
    Nov  13TH,  2015

    This plugin would be useful if the milestones were deposits and the freelancer got paid after each milestone… Otherwise this is a glorified task list that doesn’t seem useful at all.

  • an nguyen
    Nov  16TH,  2015

    Hello guys,

    Thanks for your ideas. It’ll be great if you can submit your suggestions in our Forum Ideas, our product team will check them out and discuss more.


  • Murat Arslan
    Jan  17TH,  2016

    Hello, As far as I understand you have still need some more developments on your extension packages. I am evaluating available packages and plugins which you have already created. I would like to cover full package with premium support could you help me to choose correct template?

  • Donte Hunt
    Sep  15TH,  2016

    Good day,

    Are you working on incorporating the payment feature with the Milestones – where the freelancer gets paid per Milestone. If not, most grateful if you would recommend a coder that is very familiar with the FreelanceEngine Theme that we can employ to accomplish the Milestone Payment feature.



    • Chau
      Sep  16TH,  2016

      Hello Donte,

      I totally understand your concern in this situation, and I would be glad to be able to help you.

      However, as we’re limited in the workforce which is also the reason why we couldn’t continue the customization service. Maybe you can contact our partner – Codeable to see if they can help or not.

      You can visit this link to check it out.

      Hope it helps!

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