It’s our third year with MicrojobEngine now. And that’s why you can expect more and more good news and upgrade from Enginethemes team. This time we want to introduce you our latest plugin: MjE Discount.

This plugin not only help your employers and freelancers but also help your business from increased sales to improved reputation. Offering potential employers discounts on purchases is a way to quickly draw them into your marketplace.

With all those advantages, it is not exaggerated to say discounts may be that one ingredient can bring business success.

Why should you use MjE Discount?

Attracting Customers

Discount can help you attract new customers without a large marketing campaign – you can also take the opportunity to sign new customers up to your newsletter.

Because people always prefer buying everything on sale, discounts serve as a ploy to attract more new employers and freelancers to your marketplace. Acquire new users, new sales from inactive users, gain repeat users and boost your reputation.

Increase Sales

Setting discounts on your pricing is a strategy that can drive more sales volume to your business. By analysing your sales cycles and highlighting these periods, you can offer discounts for your users to buy the services.

Because the discounts attract people, your website will experience more traffic – typically comes increased sales and not only for the discount period.

This can which lead to other benefits for both the freelancers and your business. With increased traffic

How MjE Discount works?

Back-end settings

Once the MjE Featured mJob is activated, you can check it in the admin Dashboard: Engine Settings → MjE Discount

To create a discount code, the process is pretty straight-forward:

– Discount Code: You can have a discount code name base on your promotion. Your users can use this code to apply for their purchases.

– Type: Choose specific amount or percentage.

Percent Offf: Enter the discounted value. 

– Available: Decide the start and expiry date for the discount

– Limit: Enter a number to limit how many times a coupon can be used.

How to use the discount code (Front-end display)

This is how the discount code we’ve created could be used in front-end:

After the employer chooses his prefered mJob and click Order Now, he will be navigated to the Checkout page.

In this page he can apply the discount code provided in the section below:

Don’t forget to click on the Apply box.

That’s it! When the employer preview the cart, he’ll see percentage-based (or specific amount) Discount fields automatically adjust the total price. All he need to do is clicking Checkout Now to enjoy the amazing discount.

How To Manage The Discount Code?

You can easily manage and edit all the discount code you’ve created in the Overviews tab:

Along with editing and remove the discount code, you can also view all the information as you have set up before and Number Redeemed. This number shows how many times your users have used it.

MjE Discount translation

Our world has so many different beautiful languages. So do our customers’ websites. Not all websites use English, so we have input texts of MjE Discount extension in a file for you to translate to your own language. We have checked this translation method, it’s very convenient and easy to use. Watch this video to learn how it works.

Start a campaign now with this amazing plugin!


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