Most of online shoppers love the flexibility and security of PayPal. Therefore, this payment gateway is always our top priority during the product development process. Although PayPal was already integrated into MicrojobEngine theme, but it’s not enough. Some of you might find it inconvenient when buyers are not automatically redirected to the previous page after completing the transaction. That’s why we decided to carry out PayPal Express Checkout as an additional payment method for you.

PayPal Express Checkout is a free extension of MicrojobEngine, all you need to do is downloading and installing it in your service marketplace.

Get MjE PayPal Express Checkout For Free

P/s: Please note that the MjE PayPal Express Checkout requires MicrojobEngine 1.3.2+ and PHP 5.5+ to function properly.

PayPal Express Checkout – An integrated payment gateway for those who are more likely to pay with PayPal

PayPal Express Checkout is a payment method that allows you to accept online credit cards and add PayPal as a payment option on your site. It gives your buyers a simplified checkout experience, letting them use their PayPal balance, bank account, or credit at checkout without sharing or entering any sensitive information during the payment process. Your buyers are also kept on your site after completing the transaction.

Research shows that adding Express Checkout button to your website can boost sales by up to 18%.

Payment Processing

PayPal Express Checkout accepts payments via PayPal account or credit cards which are integrated with an exist PayPal account.


Express Checkout is available in more than 200 countries and 20 currencies. See the countries where PayPal is accepted here. Also, you should see supported countries and currencies for PayPal transactions.

Pricing Plan

The fee for per US transaction is 2.9% + $0.30 with no monthly, termination or hidden fees and you aren’t charged fee for the account setup. However, there are fees for currency conversion and to receive payments from another country besides the transaction fees. For further details, please see the merchant fee structure.

Get MjE PayPal Express Checkout For Free

MjE PayPal Express Checkout Back-end Settings

PayPal Express Checkout not only offers your buyers the ease of convenience and security but it is also so easy to set up. It only takes you 3 – 5 minutes to install and configure the extension.

  1. Install and activate MjE PayPal Express Checkout Extension
  • From your Dashboard, go to PluginsAdd New to add MjE PayPal Express Checkout plugin.
  • Then, activate this plugin as the image below:

  1. Enable/Disable payment test mode feature

You can select to either enable or disable payment test mode feature, allowing you to test payment without any charge.

  1. PayPal Express Checkout settings

As in MicrojobEngine version 1.3.2, we’ve rearranged some stuff for better management, so now all payment gateways are controlled in only one place. Open Engine Settings →  Payment Gateways →  Choose the “PayPal Express Checkout” tab.


In this section, you have to enable the PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway and enter the API Credentials, including the live client id and live secret (in case you disable the Payment Test Mode feature).

Get PayPal Express Checkout API Credentials

Please note that you must have a Business or Premier PayPal account to accept the online payments using PayPal Express Checkout before getting the API Credentials.

Here are the steps to help you get the API Credentials:

  • Visit to log into your account & create an app to receive REST API credentials for testing and live transactions.
  • Fill in all required field to validate the API Credentials. Then, click on “Create App” button to create the app.

  • After your account is successfully validated, you will be provided both the sandbox Client ID & Secret and live Client ID & Secret.

  • Finally, paste these live client id & live secret into API Credentials field from your admin dashboard.

In the next step, you must enter a unique prefix if your PayPal account is used for multiple websites since PayPal doesn’t allow orders with the same invoice number.

We also offer you the Button Styles section for customizing the PayPal Express Checkout button. So, you can select button shape and color as you want.

Let’s install this plugin and start accepting payments online!

Get MjE PayPal Express Checkout For Free


  • Ammar Sharaf
    May  20TH,  2017

    I followed the steps EXACTLY, but whenever I test it, “An error has occurred while making the payment” message appears to the buyer. What is wrong?

    • Thao Le
      May  23RD,  2017

      Hi Ammar,

      Regarding your problem, please send us a ticket by choosing Technical Problems section at Our TS will help you resolve the problem.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards,

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