Let’s talk about mobile this time.

JobEngine v2.4 gives a friendlier experience to both admins and users when it comes to blog-view. For admins, it has unlocked a menu in the mobile footer so that admin can add a blog page.

Add Blog to Mobile Footer Menu - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board Theme JobEngine v2.4

Remember to tick the option Menu display on the mobile footer in the Menu settings to show your Blog page in your site’s mobile version.

For users, well, it allows them to view the blog posts from their smartphones.

Blog in Mobile version - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board Theme JobEngine v2.4

JE RSS Importer v2.1.2

Another mobile update is on JobEngine’s plugin, RSS Importer. Jobs imported to your site via RSS can now be viewed in mobile.

RSS jobs in mobile version - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board Theme JobEngine v2.4

JE Job Alert

In the previous update of JE Job Alert, users were allowed to subscribe more than once using the same email address. We’re taking that feature out in this version and replace it with a simpler and more convenient process – multi-category and multi-location subscription. Subscribers can select as many categories from your list and can enter as many locations as they want.

JE Job Alert update - Job Board Software, WordPress job board theme JobEngine

  • Hans Steup
    Dec  21ST,  2013

    The next thing to make even better on mobile should be the functionality to search by clicking on categories.

    Scrolling could be more smooth on the iPhone. And the user does not know that there is a “Search”-button beneath to confirm the choice he made above.

    Any idea?



    • nhunq
      Dec  24TH,  2013

      Hi Hans,

      It is a great suggestion! We will try to fix it on JobEngine asap!

      Merry Xmas!

  • Jobs
    Dec  23RD,  2013

    Does the mobile theme work well with adsense?

    • Anh Chau
      Dec  23RD,  2013

      At the moment it might not. It will be considered to be added in our future release. Thanks for the concern! 🙂

  • Hammad
    Dec  30TH,  2013

    Seriously, this was an update? Where are more features for resume privacy ?

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