FreelanceEngine v1.4 focuses on the completion of mobile version. The payment gateways are now fully integrated in mobile so that users can easily post projects whenever and wherever they want.

Moreover, some bugs are also ironed out:

  • Search function: The “Load more” button won’t appear when the search result is 0.
  • Attach files: Users can attach files without obstacles while submitting projects.


Bug fixes

  • In the previous version, some “Pricing” block content didn’t appear as the right style. It has been fixed now.
  • The “Search bar” also works fine, users won’t meet trouble while search by location.
  • Workspace project title and breadcrumb title are now similar.
  • Admins now can view what freelancers writing in comment box when they are bidding a project.
  • The “country” slug won’t lead to the project results page anymore.
  • The bid average is now rounded.
  • When clicking on attachment in the project submit page, it won’t bring you back to selecting category.
  • The notifications show the right date not the current date anymore.
  • Fix bugs in the payment gateways: PayPal Digital Goods, 2CheckOut, PayPal.
  • Fix “Saving” issue: In the previous version, the system couldn’t save the added skills in the profiles. It is fixed now.
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  • Marco Moretti
    Mar  19TH,  2015

    Thank you guys! Some really great changes here, especially with the location search drop-down! Keep up the great efforts and updates! Money well spent 🙂

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