New option to select “Skills”

Previously, when freelancers create their profiles, they can just select the “skills” from the dropdown list. It’s a little bit inconvenience since users don’t know which the provided skills are.

Therefore, we decided to change the way the “skills list” being displayed. In stead of the old one, freelancers now can select skills from the multi-dropdown list.

skills - FreelanceEngine

If you disable the option Select skills from predefined list, users will see a list of relevant skills when they insert some keywords in the blank space. On contrary, once you enable this option, all the provided skills will be displayed and you can choose some from the list.

select skills - FreelanceEngine

Approve/decline the orders

With FreelanceEngine version 1.5, admin can easily approve or decline the orders right from the admin panel. In the Payment tab. In stead of a list of payments, you can find the option to make approval for the pending payment. Simple click on the “Tick” symbol and everything will be done.
And of course, you can decline the long-time pending payment by clicking the “X” symbol.


Bug fixes

  • Add file /wp-content/themes/freelanceengine/img/chosen-sprite@2x.png in the theme
  • Error when using payment gateway from WooCommerce: When users selected the payment gateway while submitting a project, the system automatically complete the process. This bug has been fixed now
  • Sorting function now works in Chrome
  • In the previous versions, whenever users do a skill search, it didn’t work. The problem has gone now
  • Fix error when logging in using mobile device
  • Fix translation issue: some missing text in the po.file are now implemented
  • And other small bugs.
  • Mariano
    Apr  25TH,  2015


    • An
      Apr  27TH,  2015


      Currently, we don’t have any plan for it yet.

      I’ll inform this idea to the product team and discuss more. Once we get the decision, we’ll inform you.

      Thanks for your suggestion.


  • jackrob
    May  15TH,  2015

    Does this theme come with visual composer? and can i get a full demo link for me to make changes and see how it works and also discount coupon for the same so if i like i can buy it pls.

    • An
      May  15TH,  2015

      Hi there,

      The theme works well with Visual composer. Also, you can check out the demo site here to directly experience the features:


      • Jackrob
        May  15TH,  2015

        one more thing how many user profile it can handle before it collapse and the database can it be transferred /forwarded latter to php or .net based website if needed also can i get a discount coupon for the same and is this product available on themeforest as i have some credits available there

  • jackrob
    May  15TH,  2015

    one more thing how many user profile it can handle before it collapse and the database can it be transferred /forwarded latter to php or .net based website if needed

    • An
      May  15TH,  2015


      Thanks for your interest in our product,

      The profiles are saved in WordPress’s wp_posts so they will be covered as WordPress posts. It actually depends on the server database.

      Should you have further concern, please feel free to contact us via


  • hosein
    May  24TH,  2015

    I Want to buy your Freelanceengine But I want to Know:

    1-After finding best jobs that suits Freelancer skills, Place Freelancer bid on that project.Freelancer bid amount will only visible by project client.
    2-Once Freelancer bid is accepted on a project by its client, Freelancer will start your work on that project.Client will set milestone for Freelancer work.
    3-After successful completion of work, you will get your payment or milestone from client and client could be see final file but could not download that,As long as pay complete payment.

    Please Give me Answer
    Thanks so Much

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