ForumEngine v1.1.2 is the get-go for sidebars and widgetized static contents.

For a start, four sidebars were added to this version: Single Thread, Single Post, Blog, and All Pages sidebars. The sidebars’ names imply where to click to see the content when you drag the widgets to these areas, but for those who are a little bit confused especially of these two, Single Thread is the individual post in the forum while Single Post is your blog article.

Be mindful when you drag widgets to All Pages sidebars. If the widget is one kind that can be displayed to any page and you drag it to the other three sidebars, too, you’ll get a duplicate post.

Sidebars & Widgets - WordPress Forum Theme ForumEngine

With static contents-turned-widget, ForumEngine started off with Forum Categories and People in this Discussion.The former works fine in all sidebars while the latter must only be dragged to the Single Thread sidebar.

Widgetized Content Block - WordPress Forum Theme ForumEngine

Change Log

– Design errors in the footer (IE8) and Customizer
– Users don’t receive an email notification after registering an FE account through Twitter
– IE8: Users’ avatars are not displayed in “People in this Discussion”
– Mobile: Thread title is not displayed full text
– Mobile: Loading wheel just keeps circling when posting a comment on a blog

  • sofacritic
    Dec  14TH,  2013

    Hi can you please publish a log of all the files modified?

    It would make it easier to updte without over writing the whole theme and losing all our changes

    • nhunq
      Dec  14TH,  2013

      Yeah, we missed the changed log file for our updates. It will be included from next update.

      We really appreciate your suggestion! 🙂

      Have a nice weekend.

  • sofacritic
    Dec  14TH,  2013


    I am experiencing problems with the footer.

    The google plus icon is displaying in text several rows above the footer ion the right and the google analytics code is displaying under the bottom of the footer?

    Please see pic enclosed.

    Any suggestions would be most welcome.:)

    Thank you.:)

    • nhunq
      Dec  14TH,  2013

      Hi Sofatic,

      Please add the full script for your Google Analytics code. Currently, you put your ID only! Please check your Google Analytics account to get it.


  • Oluwalonii
    May  11TH,  2017

    Hello, Pls I want my sidebar widgets to show on mobile, a’v tried my experiences.. pls guide me through….

    • Thao Le
      May  16TH,  2017

      Hi Oluwalonii,

      Regarding the issue, kindly send us a ticket by choosing the “Technical Problems” at with specific details your question. Our TS will help you.

      Hope it helps.

      Thank you.

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