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Together with the updates which were released 2 days ago, FreelanceEngine, DirectoryEngine and ClassifiedEngine also release their newest versions including some bug fixes:

FreelanceEngine version 1.5.2

  • From now on, users will be redirected to a specific page after logging in.
  • Fix some bugs in freelancers’ profiles.
  • Change format date for et_expired_date meta_key.
  • The project edit button now works in profile section.
  • The site now displays the full number of portfolios.
  • WordPress SEO Yoast – Link author works well now.

DirectoryEngine version 1.8.7

  • Fix “Translate” issue: The text “ Number of views” is now translated.
  • You can now edit places without hassles.
  • Fix “Comment” issue: The comment now only displayed when admin approves.
  • You now can approve a pending event with issue.
  • The comment without rating won’t be counted as review anymore.
  • In the back-end, you can edit the destination URL in DE_Service.
  • Fix “Display” issue when add Nearby widget in footer.
  • In the previous version, loading continuous when you click “remove item from favorite list” button on a places. The problem has gone now.


  • Fix “Captcha” issue: in the previous versions, even when users insert the right captcha, it still inform as “wrong”. The bug has been fixed.
  • Fix “ Approve review” issue: users used to use a html code to make the review being approved automatically. They can’t do this anymore.
  • The Upload avatar feature works well now.
  • Previously, category pop up appeared twice when porting ads. The problem has been fixed.
  • Category loads new products now.

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