Payment plans for freelancers in FreelanceEngine v1.6

The long-awaited feature is finally completed, you now can charge freelancers for bidding on the projects.

Just like how you create payment plans for projects’ owners, you can easily set up different plans for freelancers.

Each plan can be applied a different number of credits and these credits will be subtracted gradually when freelancers bid on the projects. Of course, you can decide how many credits will be subtracted from the plan.

As a result, this feature will help you generate more revenue from your freelance marketplace site.

freelancers plan - FreelanceEngine

When freelancers submit a bid, they have to choose one bid plan according to their preference. They can then check the number of credits has left in the notifications as well as in their profiles.

In addition, different payment gateways are provided so that freelancers can quickly purchase a suitable plan.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug when enable the “Pending post” feature. Previously, if you enable the “Pending post” option, the portfolios wouldn’t be displayed. The problem has been fixed now.
  • Fix some spelling mistakes.
  • Fix “Compatibility issues” with WooCommerce’s payment gateways.

Bug sweep in DirectoryEngine version 1.8.9

Here are the details fixes in DirectoryEngine:

  • In the old versions, the “List users” page didn’t display the avatars. The problem has been fixed now.
  • Post displayed in DE Blog content block are filtered correctly based on category
  • The Dropdown menu is now clickable. In addition, you now can hover on the sub-menus.
  • Fix bug when editing events: previously, users can only edit the latest posted event. The bug has gone now.
  • Previously, if user submitted a place without choosing any option, you would find that the first option of the custom field had been selected. It won’t happen anymore.
  • Complete mobile version: the “View count” feature now available in mobile version
  • Nearby feature now works properly in mobile version
  • After users submitted a review suing mobile, the page automatically loaded the “Info” tab. The problem has fixed now.

QAEngine version

A few days ago, we received a notification about security bug in QAEngine. We, immediately, checked the product all over again and applied the needed solution.

Please update your theme to the latest version so that this bug can’t bother you any more.

And accept our apology for any inconvenience the bug has caused.

  • Freeza
    Jul  12TH,  2015

    What files have changed in QAEnging ?
    Can’t find it on Changelog.txt

    • An
      Jul  13TH,  2015

      Hi Freeza,

      Since it’s hotfix version, we didn’t create a changelog.

      For your information, we fixed a security bug in the file includes/aecore/class-ae-users.php.


  • Shadly Salahuddin
    Jul  13TH,  2015

    Do I need to reinstall the theme to activate the feature ??

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