During the last few weeks, we’ve looked back at our QAEngine and considered all the notes we’d made so far. In order to enhance all the functions as well as help you to experience all the benefits a question and answer site could bring. QAEngine is updated to the latest version with some new options help create your own social website or online community easier.

Social login implemented

As you have noticed, QAEngine is also an online community where people can expend their social network, therefore, there’s no reason not to get advantage from the others. The latest version now allows users to log in via their social network accounts such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus.

social login - QAEngine

And of course, admins can decide to enable this option or not. If you think that this function is not necessary, you absolutely can disable it.

social login back-end-QAEngine

Report a question or an answer

Afraid bad content will make a bad effect your site? No more worry, the new feature “Report” will help you reduce these bad things. From now on, users can report an inappropriate question or answer.

report - QAEngine

After that, an email will be sent to the admins, they then can decide to keep it or not. However, this feature has just applied in desktop version, we’ll implement it in mobile version soon.

mail - QAEngine

Add “Insert code” button and display usernames in comment section

With the new version of QAEngine, users can use the “Insert code” button to add the code text in their questions or answers, which make their content more diversified.

insert code-QAEngine social network software
One more thing, usernames are now displayed in the comment section so that users can easily communicate with each other.


Other updates

– Changing slugs from the back – end: From now on, when admins want to change the slugs, they can do it right from the back – end, no more code work needed.


– Adding “rel=no follow and “target=_blank” to external links of your site posts or pages.

Bug fixes

In addition to the new options, some bugs are also fixed:
– Fix insert link issue: in the previous versions, users can’t insert link in their posts. The issue is now gone, you are now can insert links to your content without barriers.
– Prevent normal users to visit admin panel: in security is now upgraded, users can’t access admin dashboard without permission anymore.
– Fix user avatar issue.

  • Ben
    Aug  19TH,  2014

    Hey ! Thanks for the update! Are you planning to add a user description/profile to the theme? That’s really missing now I think.

    • An
      Aug  25TH,  2014

      Thanks for your idea. We’ll discuss more about this. Please keep looking forward for better products in the future.

  • AydenComunicacion1
    Aug  24TH,  2014

    Thanks! Great upgrade! Diseño web

  • Shaswat Saxena
    Aug  26TH,  2014

    Please add social login settings in documentation

  • wedevelopER
    Aug  31ST,  2014

    I want to try this..for my philippineanswers.com customer..this seems to be better and accessible or responsive. I have trouble with the previous theme I installed with the website and the customer is not happy with it,

  • James
    Jul  09TH,  2016

    Social Plugin doesn’t work. You add the Keys and after about a week they won’t work, and you have to keep doing that over and over

    • Chau
      Jul  11TH,  2016

      Hello James,

      Regarding this, please go to http://forum.enginethemes.com/ to post about the problem you’ve encountered. Our TS will be glad to assist you in solving it.

      Many thanks.

    • Elisa
      Dec  09TH,  2016

      Many thanks for the tips, I’ll use it in my wordpress

  • stranger
    Jul  09TH,  2017

    Hi Facebook login is not working in my site i have done everything in settings but no use..pls help me
    my qaengine version is 2.0.8

    • Thao Le
      Jul  11TH,  2017


      This is not our official support channel. Please send us a ticket by choosing Technical Problems section at https://www.enginethemes.com/help/. Our TS will help you resolve your problem.

      Thank you.

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