Over the past few days, we have received some suggestions from our beloved customers. We’ve noted them all and carefully discussed to implement in QAEngine. And now, QAEngine is updated, you can consider that QAEngine v1.1.3 is the result of interaction between us and our customers.

Follow a question

In order to enhance the community side of QAEngine, besides the vote system, we’ve added the “follow” function. Whenever users find an interesting question, they can follow it until they find the best answer.

follow a question-QAEngine


Everytime there’s a new answer, there’ll be an email notification sent to them so that they can keep up with the new information.

email default-QAEngine

However admins can totally disable the this function right in the back-end in case users don’t want to receive these emails.

email notification-QAEngine

Email notification for pending questions

With this function, admins will receive emails reminding them about pending questions. As a result, admins don’t have to worry about forgetting approving new questions and users don’t have to worry about being forgotten.

pending question-QAEngine

Add intro page’s background option

You don’t have to keep the default background anymore. You are now allowed to insert your prefered background for the intro page.

intro page background-QAEngine

Add text domain to some texts

All the missing texts are now in the language file.

Once again, we express our thanks for the customers who are always supported us. We’re on the progress to update functions for QAEngine. Please keep looking forward to our better products in the future.

  • Youngwook Kim
    Jul  12TH,  2014

    Great, Fantastic well done!

    • An
      Jul  14TH,  2014

      Thanks for your compliment^^

  • Pascal Lapointe
    Jul  13TH,  2014

    Very exciting! Looking forward to even more updates, especially the social login that is much needed!

    • An
      Jul  14TH,  2014

      Thanks ! Please keep supporting us.

    • Justin
      Jul  14TH,  2014

      Hi Pascal,
      The Social Login will be implemented in next update 🙂

  • Julio Esperilla
    Jul  14TH,  2014

    Hi, I have a question, I’m new in this, How can I get the update for my published template without loosing information? Thank you for you help.

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