QAEngine is back with improvements to make your site more stable and of course better.

Google ReCaptcha implementation

From now on, whenever users sign up or post a question, they will have to insert Google captcha. With this implementation, you can reduce the number of spam comments on your site for sure.


Add lightbox to image

With this update, when users click on the image, it’ll be zoomed out and overlap the content. As a result, the photo will be displayed prettier and users can see the photo clearly.


Display social media buttons

Users now can quickly visit their social network accounts using the buttons on the left of the site. It’ll be more convenient for the users, just by a lick and they can access their social community.

display social button-QAEngine

Exclude admin from the users list

With QAEngine v1.5, admins are excluded from the users list, the other won’t know who is the administrator or how many points the admin has.


Bugs fixes

  • Fix “Login issue”: with this update, when un-logged in users click on the “Contact” button. The Modal Login will appear instead of the Modal Contact.
  • The “Custom slug” option is moved a separate tab.
  • Fix “Facebook login” issue: the function works fine now, you won’t meet any trouble while setting it up. Moreover, the update will enhance the security.
  • Fix “Category” issue: in the previous versions, when users changed category value by adding a question, it is adding a New Category. The bug has been fixed now.
  • Fix “Contact” issue: the modal contact works well now, the ajax won’t run two times in a row anymore.
  • The form “Add a question” is now embedded in a page instead of a pop up page.
  • Fix search Cyrillic on mobile version.
  • moviesly
    Feb  10TH,  2015

    How about moderation, we need to visit every question to moderat answers ! do you guys test out your script or not, i am asking about this feature from the first version, this is not a good practice for an online community, we need a moderation tab for answers too !

    Thanks to correct this!

    • An
      Feb  11TH,  2015


      We’ve noted down your feedback already. However, we can’t implement it immediately. We still need a little bit more time to gradually implement all the suggested features.

      We’ll get back to you with further news in the near future.

      Thanks so much for your understanding and patience.

      • moviesly
        Feb  11TH,  2015

        You can make a seperate plugin to buy or something if its an extra work, moderation plugin with more option to make our life easier ! I have a project but i can’t manage to work on it ! because of that things

        • An
          Feb  12TH,  2015


          We know that this feature is helpful and we’ll try to implement it as soon as we can. However, it takes more time to build than we expected.

          Hope that you can understand our situation.

          • moviesly
            Mar  03RD,  2015

            Its vital not helpful, how can i have a website without moderation, its useless product

  • Mr Frog
    Feb  11TH,  2015

    What about sub categories ??

    • An
      Feb  11TH,  2015


      It hasn’t been implemented in this update but already in our plan. We’ll soon complete it.

      Please wait a little bit more.

  • Rank
    Feb  11TH,  2015

    Love to see following features :
    1. Follow particular Profile ,Get notification when ever they post something new.
    2. Make favorite list of question for future

    • An
      Feb  12TH,  2015


      We’ve noted down your ideas and will discuss about them.

      Thanks for your suggestions, it’s a great source for us to improve our product.


  • Lensa
    Mar  09TH,  2015

    Please, please, please, add an option to upload an image in the mobile
    version. According to my statistics, I have more visitirs from mobile
    devices than from PC. Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular
    and I think it is not only my statistic, which shows this. You promised a
    long time ago, this is a very important option and the very needed one!
    Thank you!!!

    • An
      Mar  13TH,  2015

      Hi Lensa,

      We know that this feature will help you a lot but we still can manage to implement it at the moment. Actually, we feel really uneasy when we can’t help you much but please wait a little bit more. As soon as we finish the current projects, we’ll take care of it.


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