1. Blog’s sidebars

Besides the original sidebars, you can create new ones for your blog page. Simply drag and drop the widgets in the right positions and you will have your very own sibebars.

blog sidebar - QAEngine

2. Bug fixes

– Fix intro page’s logo issue in mobile version.
With the new mobile version, the problem is fixed. When you change your logo setting in the back-end, the new logo will appear in the intro page right away.
– Fix search’s issue.
In the previous version, you can’t do the searching with special symbols. The problem has gone, you are now free to do the search according to your preference. No matter which language you are using, the search system will run smoothly.
– Fix category Substr issue: fix display error.
– Fix blog’s style: fix CSS error.

  • Richard Irwan Shah
    Aug  05TH,  2014

    hi i have a question, how are these QNA and DE installed? are they installed as a theme? or a plugin? i have a website using a particular theme, and i would like to install Qna and DE, i would like to know before i purchase the item. do i install on one copy of wordpress or multiple?

    • An
      Aug  07TH,  2014


      QAEngine and DirectoryEngine are two different themes. If you want to use different themes in one WordPress copy, you can use WordPress multisite.

      Hope you’ll find these information helpful.

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