Following its siblings, the new version of QAEngine – question answer website software now offers more options so that admins can handle their sites more effectively.

Pending answers

Similar to the “pending questions” feature, this function will help you prevent unsuitable content appear on your site. Once you enable this function, new answers have to wait for your approval before being displayed in the site.

pending answers - QAEngine

Moreover, admins can also set up privilege for other users, if they achieve some specific points, they also have right to approve any answer.

approve - QAEngine

Set up points for users

In the previous versions, admins just can set up points which users can achieve. But now, admins are given more power, you can manually modify user’s points right from the back – end. For example, if you find a user who’s contributed a lot to your site, you can set up a higher points for him, which can be considered as a small gift for his contribution.

qa points - QAEngine

Disable the “Live notifications”

Since being implemented, the ‘Live notifications” function’s been welcomed by our customers, however, there were some other ones who want to disable it. Since we’ve always tried our best to support diverse need of customers, here is the new option for you. You now can decide to use the “Live notifications” or not, in case you find it’s not useful anymore, you can then simply disable it.

live notifications - QAEngine

Enhance mail system

From now on, users will know when the question is resolved. Whenever the best answer is chosen, there’ll be an email sent to the users to let them know.

mail qa - QAEngine

Implement “Top users” widget

Another widget is implemented in this version. Using this widget, admins can create other ones based on different criterias: points, questions, answers. For example, you can make a widget for “Top 5 users who have highest points” or “Top 5 users who have the most questions”. This widget then can be considered as a way to encourage active users in your site.

top users - QAEngine

This is how these widgets appear on your site

front- end - QAEngine

Add “New following questions” tab in author page

This new tab will track up all the questions you’ve been following so that you can easily see them whenever you want.

following - QAEngine

Add plugin Autolink to TinyMCE

With the implementation of Autolink, it’ll be much more convenient for users to access the link in the post. Just simply click the link and it’ll head you to the right site.

Bug fixes

1. Fix “Insert code” icon issue.
2. Fix “Changelog title” issue.
3. Fix “Edit” issue: author now can edit their questions/ answers.
4. Fix “Translation” issue.
5. Fix “Update” issue: the system will update user’s point after they delete a question/answer.
6. Fix “Youtube link” issue.
7. Fix modal insert link error on Firefox/Chrome browser.
8. Fix “Hot question” widget orderby issue.
9. Change underscore tag.
10. Fix some mobile’s issues:
– User will be redirected to Login page after complete the “Insert question form”.
– Fix Customizer feature in mobile version.
– Add username in mobile version.

  • Aashish
    Sep  18TH,  2014

    Another Masterstroke from Engine themes team 🙂

  • Sid
    Sep  21ST,  2014

    Good job, but the mobile version does not have social login. Please add

  • Sidhartha
    Sep  22ND,  2014

    Anyone facing issues with the Log out ? My log out is not working.Need urgent help

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