After releasing QAEngine v1.1, QAEngine is updated again just after one day. The new version is a quick update after we receive feedbacks from our valuable customers.
In this latest version, we’ve added the “Email confirmation” section. If you enable this function, users have to confirm their email after complete their registration. If they don’t confirm their email, they can’t activate in your site.

email confirmation-QAEngine

However, admins can also directly activate a member manually before they submit their confirmation. If there’s a visitor waiting for your approval, you will see a “Tick” symbol at the end of his/her name, you can click on this symbol to accept them.

admin confirm-QAEngine

Besides, for those who don’t want to public their email addresses, the system will automatically hide them in the profile sections.

hidden email-QAEngine

Moreover, as you can see in the previous versions, visitors have to login before they can ask a question. With this latest version, there will be a pop up window appear right away when they ask question to remind them login.


This version also contains some bug fixes:

– Fix Cyrillic language when searching.
– Fix Google Analytics print error.
– Fix Save language issue on Firefox browser.
– Fix IE issue, the system won’t automatically load IE8 anymore.


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