JobEngine job board theme & plugin wordpress version 2.9.9

JobEngine is updated to the latest version with some bug fixes:


  • Fix “PayPal, 2CheckOut payment” issue: The payment gateways work fine now.
  • Fix “Footer” issue: The white space after the footer has been removed.
  • The text ““Job Board Software | powered by WordPress” has been removed.
  • Fix “Sign up” issue: You won’t meet any trouble when signing up using LinkedIn anymore.
  • Fix “Attach” issue: The attachment will be sent to the companies via emails. Also, the zip files are now readable.
  • Fix “Notification” issue: There’ll be a notification informing the suitable files when the job seekers submit their applications.
  • The “Reset password” works well now.
  • Fix “JE RSS” issue: the extension now works fine. Users will be re-directed to the original page when apply via mobiles and the imported jobs will be saved completely.

  • petr
    Feb  01ST,  2015

    will be something new and BIG in JE 3.0 ?


    • An
      Feb  02ND,  2015


      Currently, we haven’t had any plan for JE’s new features. We’re still collecting all the ideas in our Forums. If there are any idea you want to suggest, please don’t hesitate to do it.

      Thank you,

  • coolvision
    Feb  03RD,  2015

    Files / resume attachment still not working after this update, you are just playing and enjoying the sale of this bad theme.

    • An
      Feb  04TH,  2015

      Hi Coolvision,

      Sorry for the issue you’ve met.

      However, we’ve just tested our demo site and it works fine. Maybe there’s some problem with your host. Would you mind heading to our forum and submit a ticket? Our technical support staff here will visit your site and check it all over again.

      Thanks for your cooperation.

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