FreelanceEngine version 1.0.1

Understanding that “Speed is the soul of every business”, we’ve always tried our best to offer you better products at the earliest. And here we are again, FrE is updated with some small implements and bug fixes after being released.
The price of the posted bids won’t be displayed anymore, only the project owner and the bidder can see them. By this way, you can avoid the competitive devaluation in your site.

hide bids-FreelanceEngine
In addition, admins now can set up a default avatar for new users, who haven’t completed their profile yet.

Some bug fixes

The “Translate” function works well now. You won’t meet any trouble translating your site.
Fix “Social share” function.
Some bugs on mobile are also ironed out.

DirectoryEngine version 1.1.3

Implement Social Network links

The owners now can insert some social network links to their posted places so that users will have more choices to access the information.


Update Font awesome

“Font awesome” is updated to the latest version, admins now have more options when choosing icons for categories. If they don’t like the existing icons, simply click “Font awesome” then they will have hundreds of icons to choose.

font awesome-DirectoryEngine

Update responsive function

No more worry about the appearance of the site, it’ll be displayed beautifully from now on.


New function

Add function to check if folder “wp-content” is writable or not

Bug fixes

1. Fix ‘Event” function.
You are now can easily edit the created events. The ribbons won’t overlap the header anymore.


2. Complete mobile version
The theme works fine with Internet explorer browser now, no more hassles using the “Search” function.
3. Fix problems with Ipad
No more trouble using Ipad surfing the site. The “Social login” button, the menus as well as the “Upload” function work well now.
4. Fix “Tags” issue: When the search area is being displayed, the “Tags” on listings won’t overlap it anymore.
5. Fix “404” page issue. It won’t redirect to the wrong link anymore.
6. Fix “Locate” function on the map.
7. Fix “Translate” function.
8. Fix “Search” function.
9. Implement new field to change the default avatar after registration.
10. Fix “logo” issue.
11. Fix “Video upload” function.
12. Fix “Social login” button. You don’t have to touch to time to access the site anymore.

  • Jansie Blom
    Oct  08TH,  2014


    Thanks for the update on DE. May I make a suggestion? I love the fact that you can add social info too. In fact, I’d like the option to add as much info as possible.

    However, I’d also like the theme to not show information, if something wasn’t filled in. For instance, instead of having something that says “No specify Facebook link”, it shouldn’t be on the post at all. It should toggle off.

    Thanks. It seems you’re on the right track with this theme.

    • An
      Oct  09TH,  2014


      Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll take a look at it again and discuss more about this idea.

      Please keep supporting us in the future.

  • Ramirez
    Oct  10TH,  2014

    Yes, I totaly agree with Jansie Blom and other thing, I think social links its to much, because nobody want that the costumers would be redirected to social network pages, we want that costumers would stay in our webpages as long as possible. And don’t say : “hey look this place has facebook I better go and look for info there”

  • Sebastin
    Oct  10TH,  2014

    Hi, I just tested your demo on site with IPhone 5 emulator and got Bullshit. Your really have to make online tutorial how disable mobile version. Seriously better no mobile version then such.

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