Russian in the Pack

See JobEngine in Russian!

Thanks to a customer who generously shared his language for JobEngine-ers.

With Russian in the list, JobEngine now has eight default languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Just one click and you can easily don your site with any of the eight.

Our next goal is to make it nine. Let’s see how short is the shortest time we can do that. Maybe you can help us:

JobEngine in Russian - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board by EngineThemes

Page Sidebar for Static Pages

Notes from some of our customers have this to say: What’s nice with JobEngine is that it is packed with sidebars.

It’s because with sidebars, you can make your job board more beautiful and functional.

Now dabble your widgets on this new Page Sidebar to give your static pages a new sight. 

Page Sidebar - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board JobEngine


  • Aslan
    Dec  08TH,  2013


    After the update I have some problems with the top menu bar – it’s now white/transparent.

    • nhunq
      Dec  10TH,  2013

      Hi Aslan,

      Maybe your server missed the customization.less file in css folder. It is automatically generated when you load your site. Please set the CHMOD (file permission) for css and jobengine folders are 755.

      If your style still misses, please send your WP admin and FTP accounts to Our staff will check and fix on your site directly.


      • Aslan
        Dec  11TH,  2013

        Hi Nhung,

        The CHMOD is 755. Whenever I click on the “Options” icons on the left part of the screen of the front-end, where you can adjust fonts and all that, it starts showing the CSS. If I click it back, it stops….

        • nhunq
          Dec  11TH,  2013

          Hi Aslan,

          Please send your FTP and admin accounts to Our staff will help you check and fix it.

          Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • Paul
    Dec  15TH,  2013

    Hi, with this update I see an issue.

    In the code you link to

    except the issue is that my website is runs on HTTPS , so this breaks the security certificate. Can you help ?

    • nhunq
      Dec  17TH,  2013

      Hi Paul,

      You had sent an email to our support staff. They received your email and try to reply it soon!


  • Momo
    Apr  18TH,  2014

    Hi, there is a mistake on the link, please remove the S” from languages 🙂

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