MjE Bookmark sneak peek

Have you ever been in the situation of seeing something you really want to have but at that time cannot afford it and you wish you could save the items to buy at a later time? Surely you did, and so did your users.

Therefore, we decided to create MjE Bookmark to help users easily save their favorites items from anywhere on the platform. MjE Bookmark allows your users to bookmark as many mJobs as they wish and put them in collections. With just a few clicks, everything will be stored in a place.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of this upcoming extension.

MjE Bookmark 1

Simple, Fast & Easy to Use

MjE Bookmark provides you with a high degree of usability. With only a few simple clicks, users on your site can easily bookmark a job and visit it again in the most logical flow.

Collect bookmarks by topic

Another highlight of this extension is that your users can create as many collections and name them as they wish to save mJobs. It allows you to categories items and save them in appropriate collections. And, 1 item can be saved in many collections.

MjE Bookmark 2

Automatically get updated

Whenever the content or status of a mJob is modified or changed, your bookmarked mJob will be automatically updated as well. Thus, users can easily track and keep up-to-date information.

When is MjE Bookmark available for your micro job marketplace?

As announced in the MicrojobEngine Plus Package post, MjE Bookmark will come out on 13th March, along with MicrojobEngine 1.3.1 to celebrate the 1st MicrojobEngine birthday. Stay tuned for detailed information about MjE Bookmark and the exclusive offer ahead 😉

  • ray
    Mar  06TH,  2017

    I Hello! I was the first to acquire MJE, will I have any special discounts? I’m preparing the launch of my web and this plugin would be great!

    • My Dang
      Mar  07TH,  2017


      Thank you for your interest. Next Tuesday is MicrojobEngine 1st birthday and we’re gonna have a special promotion for all MjE items. In the meantime, we’re running an event celebrating the birthday on our Facebook page. You can join to have chance winning free MjE Bookmark. You can join the event here

      Thank you and have a nice day!

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