As many of you have noticed in our plan for June, we have quite a lot of products to introduce in this month.

Starting with EstateEngine – WordPress Real Estate Theme, we are now happy to offer another theme in the DirectoryEngine’s series: WordPress Restaurant Directory Theme – DiningEngine

DiningEngine is the most powerful & highly customizable restaurant, cafe & bistro WordPress listing directory theme in the front-end.

Looking for a directory WordPress theme to introduce restaurants in your local? DiningEngine is your answer. Basically, all the useful features in DirectoryEngine are applied in DiningEngine. What make it different from the original version is the specific sections for your restaurant directory business.


Introducing good restaurants directory with suggested section

Besides displaying all the submitted restaurants, you are offered a content block to suggest some popular ones.

For each suggested restaurant, there will be a big photo representing it together with a brief information. Customers can take a glimpse at the restaurants’ selling points and these suggestion will be a good preference for them to make the decisions.

blog restaurant directory - DiningEngine

Helpful search bar with Google map

The most basic reason for users to browse the restaurant directory site is finding out a good restaurant. Therefore, you have to make it easy for them.

The search bar is integrated with Google map so that customers can figure out where the restaurant is located. They can then know when it is open and how to contact the owner.

As a result, it gives the users all of the basic information they are looking for in one convenient place.

blog search - DiningEngine

Menu in restaurant details page

The Menu in DiningEngine gives your users an easy way to introduce their restaurants’ speciality.

Restaurant’s owner can upload different photo representing the dishes. By this way, you can not only show off the restaurants but also stimulate the customers’ senses.

It is also a good way to attract potential customers.

blog restaurants directory menu - DiningEngine

Online reservation system

Booking for reservations is a key element for a restaurant website.

Visitors want the process to be easy and convenient. If it takes too much time, the users will of course move on to other directory site.

In Restaurant Directory DiningEngine, customers just have to complete the basic information and click “Submit”. The form then will be sent automatically to the restaurant’s owner.

blog restaurant reservation - DiningEngine

Detailed restaurants reviews and testimonials

Since users can rate and review each restaurant, you should also display them in the site as a good referral.

Whenever customers review a restaurant, they can write the comment as well as rate it in the scale of 1-5. All the rating stars can be seen in each posted restaurant and just like the suggestion area, they will play an important part for customers when choosing a restaurant.

restaurant directory reviews theme - DiningEngine

Events and cuisine blog

No one can deny the good deals. The users can create different events for their restaurants in special occasions.

In addition, since cuisine blog is a hot trend these days, there’s no reason you can miss it. You are provided a beautiful blog to share your experience as well as the love with food. It will then help you to generate traffic and create your own online community.

blog restaurant events - DiningEngine

All the mentioned sections above go well with the theme concept – restaurant directory website. You can also experience other great features which is inherited from DirectoryEngine:

  • Page builder support
  • Built- in social sharing
  • Image gallery support
  • Custom widgets
  • Localization support
  • Independent mobile version

DiningEngine makes it easy to create your own restaurant reviews and listings site theme. So what are you waiting for? Visit the demo site now and see how it works.


Special offers for the new DiningEngine

As usual, we want to offer you the intro pricing for the new launching product. Besides the normal different package plans, you can also get the special DiningEngine discount which up to 50%.

Check out now for more details!



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