ForumEngine v1.0.1

Do we get major add-ons on this version? Not yet. We’ll have some next week. But this version has essential updates on a number of major UX issues in mobile version. After updating your site, your users should be able to travel around your site seamlessly using their smartphones.

Mobile version - Forum Software, WordPress Forum Theme ForumEngine

Throughout the desktop version, we did refinements in many places so you can expect more polished features and functions.

Watch out for ForumEngine’s next update, we have huge features in line.

JobEngine v2.3.5

Before you continue reading this post, you may need to visit the backend and go to Engine Settings > Payments.Notice the Payments Log and Latest Payments areas.

In Latest Payments, we have made some changes in the payment status so you can easily track payment transactions. There is an icon you can hover on the left of the amount and that could be a check mark, an X, or an orange triangle. These icons tell you if the payment is Confirmed, Failed, or Pending.

Payment Management - Job Board Software, WordPress Job Board Theme JobEngine

We also fixed a glitch in the Payments Log. Some payments, especially those that are pending and were approved later, are not logged correctly. By now, you should see the payment transactions logged accordingly as Unpaid or Revenue Made.

Other fixes include duplicate link when sharing a job post in social media, invisible bullet points in editor (IE8 issue), and some texts not translatable to other languages.

  • Sidhartha
    Oct  24TH,  2013

    Thanks , when are major changes /updates coming in next in JobENgine ? Do you intend to change the theme ?

    • Anh Chau
      Oct  25TH,  2013

      Ability to change the theme of JobEngine are in our future product plan. However, it won’t be available anytime soon, due to our tight schedule at the moment. We will keep you updated this December. 🙂

  • Jason
    Oct  25TH,  2013

    Hi, I am 95% sold on using your platform, however I’d like to know a bit more about features you are planning to rollout within the near future (6 months). Do you have a developmental roadmap that allows you to communicate to current and potential clients how you’re building your platform?

    I am in particular, after the feature that allows me to create memberships and charge jobseekers to access jobs and post a resume. Something similar to

    • Anh Chau
      Oct  25TH,  2013

      The membership feature sounds like a good one. However, this specific business model isn’t suitable for most job board owners and we would consider to implement it as an extension instead.

      We haven’t put together a development roadmap to share with our beloved customers yet. It should be done in a near future, though. At the moment, we’re planning on a little improvement for the company dashboard. 🙂

      Thank you, @56075409c2ce5827a72b3bf038c41651:disqus, @2022c606a03b59e5e07abd8905d7a07b:disqus for your questions.

      • Jason
        Oct  25TH,  2013

        @anhcv:disqus – Thanks for the reply. I completely agree that the membership model is not for all job boarders. Building it as an extension sounds like the right way forward. As it is what is stopping me from using your platform, I would be willing to help fund the development of this to move the idea forward.

        I look forward to seeing a roadmap sometime in the near future.

  • Aslan
    Oct  29TH,  2013

    Hi guys!

    You are doing a great job with this platform. However, I was expecting some changes on the LinkedIn plugin. Do you have any plans to add features to it as right now it is useless for many countries cos doesn’t support job search by city, even though the API of LinkedIn does have that feature.

    I have not used the LinkedIn auto uploader ever since I have bought it from you, because so far it is useless. It is just a plugin which is installed and doesn’t do what it is supposed to do.


    • Anh Chau
      Oct  29TH,  2013

      Hi Aslan, would you mind sharing which country you are referring to? The LinkedIn extension supports job search by countries but not for cities yet. We would consider adding this into our next update in the future. So far, aren’t you able to use the extension for getting jobs in your country yet?

      • Aslan
        Nov  01ST,  2013

        Hi Anh!

        It doesn’t work for Russia – the reason is that people in Russia don’t use postcodes to publish jobs, it doesn’t make any sense there 🙂 In the UK it is pretty common. And what If I need to schedule one job title in one city? Do I have to add thousands of postal codes? I don’t even know why LinkedIn use that feature.

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