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Hope you had a great holiday vacation. Man, so many interesting things await for you today. First off, check out our new website! Notice the DIFFERENCE?

This new design is created so it can be responsive to any screen size. The UX has also improved so customers can experience the products well before purchasing. Here is an overview for all products so you can have a brief idea of what you’re interested in.

What’s the BIG resolution?

Thought you’d never ask. The themes and extensions are grouped together so customers can purchase theme packages with convenience and (better) discounts. Check out the details here. For example, you’re interested in JobEngine, and need to purchase some extensions to power up the website, check out Standard JE Package which offers the theme and most popular extensions with only $169. That’s a 20% off of the total value. Need a greater option? Full JE Package for just $30 more. Sounds awesome? That’s not what we call a steal, yet!

Themes are bundled up together so developers and agents can select many options in just one click. Power Package offers most popular themes including JobEngine, ClassifiedEngine, DirectoryEngine and FreelanceEngine with just $199. 45% off, crazy, but not just that. Here comes Mega Power Package offering the themes along with all extensions for just an extra $200. You know what it means? All extensions, including future add-ons. Oh and if you need all themes, All-in-One is the best choice for you with a discount of more than 50%. Now that’s we call bang for a buck!

Deal Of The Day Week

We know you’re excited, we do, too, but please don’t rush to the shopping cart before finishing this exciting note. From January 6th to 12th, we’ll introduce a never-ever-seen deal each day. A theme will be offered for 40% off, just for that day. It’s insane! We know, we’ve heard it a lot. EngineThemes’ motto is Always deliver more than expected anyway.

That’s it! No more secret disclosure. Make sure to check out EngineThemes each day and get your surprising deal.



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