DirectoryEngine version 1.2

The latest version of DirectoryEngine includes some new small yet useful features, which helps to enhance your site performance.

Schema rating

The rating has already worked with Schema Google rating. From now on, the rating information in your page will be displayed when being searched on Google. It can lead to enhance rich snippets and these rich snippets can increase SERP click through rates by up to 30%. That means up to 30% more traffic will be generated to your site.

schema rating-DirectoryEngine

Speed up map loading

The map loading speed is improved quite a lot compare to the previous versions. Even if your site contains a hundred places, you don’t have to wait the map loading for too long.


Login in admin panel

In the previous versions, admins have to login in the front-end first to visit the dashboard. They now can change this setting in the back-end, if they disable the option “Login in admin panel”, they can directly visit their admin page.


 Delete posts in the front-end

With DE v1.2, users can directly delete unwanted posts right in their profile area.


Bug fixes

– Fix “Override” issue: The “Sign in” button won’t be override by the slider anymore.
– Fix “Hover menu” issue: The menu works fine now.

FreelanceEngine version 1.1.1

With FrE v1.1.1.1, a tons of bugs has been fixed.

Complete notification system

Whenever users activate the account using the link provided in the email, there’ll be notification informing the successful action. In addition, the bug is also fixed, if they refresh the page, they don’t have to verify it again.

Fix “Profile issue”

– The profile’s avatar will be cropped right even when the users upload a small avatar.
– Users won’t meet any troubles updating their profiles anymore.

fre profile-FreelanceEngine

Fix bugs on mobile

– Fix “Translation” issue: You can translate all the text now.
– Fix “Loading page” issue: The page won’t load too long.
– Fix “Access profile” issue: No more hassles access your profile area anymore.
– The title won’t go off the folder anymore. It’ll be shortened according to the default setting.
– Google tracking snippet now works fine with FreelanceEngine.

mobile 2-FreelanceEngine

The upcoming updates

Last but not least, here are the main implementations for the next versions of FreelanceEngine and DirectoryEngine. We hope that you can find these info useful and keep supporting us in the future.
– DirectoryEngine: The next updates will include two new features which have been requested by many customers.

+ Claim a listing.
+ Report a listing.

– FreelanceEngine: These below features will help to enhance user’s communications on your site.

+ Work space on site.
+ Notification system.

  • Shawn
    Nov  01ST,  2014

    When do you plan to add paypal adaptive payments to freelance engine? Thanks,

    • An
      Nov  01ST,  2014

      Hi Shawn,

      FreelanceEngine has already supported PayPal, you can check out our demo site to see it:

      – Username: admindemo
      – Pass: admindemo

      Best regards,

      • Shawn
        Nov  03RD,  2014

        Does this mean freelance engine already supports the PayPal api escrow?

        • An
          Nov  03RD,  2014


          Sorry for my misunderstanding. We haven’t supported Escrow yet but it’s already in our plan, it’ll be released with FreelanceEngine version 1.3.

          Please keep looking forward to it.

          • Shawn
            Nov  04TH,  2014

            Thank you! I’m very excited. Good luck. You guys are the best.

  • Rashid
    Nov  01ST,  2014

    When do you plan to add multi rating to directory engine?

    • An
      Nov  04TH,  2014


      It is a great idea, we’ve informed this to our developers, they’ll consider and add it to our product plan.

      Thanks for you suggestion. Please keep looking forward to it.

      • Someone Concerned
        Nov  04TH,  2014

        Oh my god will you guys please stop considering it and implement it, i have read this consideration message for so many times regarding the same request!

        • An
          Nov  04TH,  2014


          Thanks for your feedback.

          However, with each suggestion, we have to inform our developers first. We can’t just promise to do whatever customers suggest. We do take note all the ideas for sure since this is a great source to improve our products.

          Hope that you can understand our situation.

          Best regards,

  • Sergey
    Nov  01ST,  2014

    Do you have plans to add a new payment systems to Freelance engine, such as Webmoney or Robokassa?

    • An
      Nov  04TH,  2014

      Hi Sergey,

      Currently, we can’t give you a certain answer yet. We need to discuss more about the possibility of these ideas first.

      Thanks for your interest in our product.

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