DirectoryEngine v1.8.3

Views counter

In this update, you can see how many people have viewed your posted place by enabling the function “View counter”. Once this option is on, you can easily see the number of viewers in the place details page. As a result, you can have suitable changes for your place to attract more visitors.

For those who are using DE Multirating, the number of views will be displayed in the overall review point.

Once a week, the system will count the views all over again so that you’ll always keep track up with the number of viewers.


Change map style

In addition, you now can change the map appearance right in the back-end. There are 7 different styles for you to choose in the map settings section, simply select one and it’ll be applied in your site.

map style - DirectoryEngine

Post place on mobile

The mobile version is also improved in DirectoryEngine version 1.8.3, users now can submit right using their mobiles whenever they want.

Bugs fixes

  • The social sidebar won’t be duplicated anymore.
  • The thumbnails representing the users now appear in the Reviews section.
  • We received some notice about missing Time remain section in DirectoryEngine version1.8.2. The problem is fixed.
  • The notifications visible in a longer time now.
  • Fix “User profile’s link”: The link redirect to the right page now.
  • Fix “Display” issue: Previously, if users put longer url, it showed not correctly. The bug has gone now.

DE Multirating v1.1

Arrange review criterions

In addition to the above features, you now can arrange the order of review criterions. There are different options offered, you can decide how the criterions will be displayed. Also, you can sort the direction to ascending or descending.

order options - DE Multirating


Posting comments

In the previous versions, you couldn’t post a comment without rating for the place. Right from this update, the inconvenience has gone. If you just want to say a few words for the owner, you can leave your comment without reviewing.

However, please note that once you rate a criteria, you have to complete the others too.



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