ClassifiedEngine is a newly-born and while we have received some good remarks from our clients, feedbacks on some issues about the theme also reached our desk. We are grateful for both and rest assured we are working to make CE worth of your every centavo.

First thing on the list, we checked and tested the issues raised to us:

1) The language option in the Engine Settings displays only an empty white box.

The only default language that comes with the theme is English. We added a button for the English option so whenever you opt to reset your site to that language, you can easily do so.

Language Settings - WordPress Classified Theme, Classified Ad Software, ClassifiedEngine

2) When customizing the site, the layout works right only when the frontend customization window is open and is totally messed up when it is closed.

A not-so-friendly link might have caused this problem. Make sure to use optimal permalink structure. In the backend,you can update the page “Min” and set the Template settings to Minify. Or you can delete the page.

Minify - WordPress Classified Theme, Classified Ad Software, ClassifiedEngine

3) Website information modified in Engine Settings does not get changed in the front-end.

It’s fixed. In case you encounter this same bug in the future and you need you’re site information changed immediately, your other option is to edit them in WordPress’ Settings.

Here are the other things in our Change Log for ClassifiedEngine v1.0.1. It includes tweaks on designs and texts, as well as fixes on some bugs.

– Update slug for CE URL
– Post-an-Ad form issue – After successful sign-up, page doesn’t proceed to the next step.
– Locations are not displayed according to how they were ordered.
– Login form doesn’t pop up when clicking the login icon
– Ads are not filtered by location.
– CE Slider is not displaying in all sidebars.
– Fixed 404 error design in mobile

  • M.
    Jan  11TH,  2014

    I think you’ve missed this one, with this update.

    Regards, M.

  • Nico
    Jan  28TH,  2014

    I’m looking forward for the new update!! Hope it comes soon. Can’t wait (=

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