ClassifiedEngine is updated with some changes in features and CE eBay is fixed template js.

Improve the location selection in the ad-editing form.

In the previous versions, when users edit an ad, they have to look for the right place from a long list of locations. With CE v1.6.6, a search bar has been added to enhance this function, users now can choose the right location just after a few keywords.

location - ClassifiedEngine

Complete the translation feature.

A new field has been added to translation section. When users login via social networks, they’ll see a pop-up window guide them to log in. Admins now can translate this message based on their prefered language.

social networks - ClassifiedEngine

Pop-up window appears when uploading an error file.

With this update, whenever users upload an error file, there’ll be a window appear to remind them upload the right file.

error - ClassifiedEngine

Some bug fixes

– Fix price display format.
– Fix forgot password problem.
– Other small bugs.

  • Umar Ali
    Aug  02ND,  2014

    awesome….thanks guys 🙂 This is turning out to be a great theme now that all the problems are being ironed out.

  • oscar romero
    Aug  02ND,  2014


  • Lucas Araújo
    Aug  05TH,  2014

    Very nice! Congratulations!

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