Compatible with WordPress 4.3

diningengine update 1

We are happy to inform you of the compatibility between DiningEngine 1.2.1 and WordPress 4.3. This WordPress’s version helps  you format and customize your website easier:

  • Your writing flow is faster with new formatting shortcuts.
  • Keep website be more secure with better passwords.
  • Site icons represent your site in your whole website.
  • Menus in the Customizer
  • Customize your site quickly by clicking the customize link in the toolbar on front-end.

We guarantee that the performance of your dining website will be better with this upgrade.

Mobile version: better display of category icon and contact info

Proper icon display:

In the previous version on mobile, the icon before each restaurant heading is missed, like in these images:

diningengine update 2

Now, this bug on mobile is fixed. Category-based heading icon is shown accurately.

diningengine update 3

Accurate phone number demonstration:

Before this new version, the restaurant contact number was not shown on page, like this:
diningengine update 4

Therefore, DiningEngine version 1.2.1 has solved the issue making phone number appear on site for easy contact.     

diningengine update 5

Function improvement: Filter system upgrade and more flexibility with optional posting fields

More accurate restaurant filtering function:

Previously, when users search for similar restaurants by place or by category, for example, the sorting system did not work properly, resulting in some non-similar restaurants. So now the searching system is improved. Only similar restaurants are displayed together.

Optional “Opening Time” fields:

Before, when users fill in restaurant submission form, “Opening time” is formatted as required fields.

diningengine update 6

However, after considering our users’ feedback, we decided to make these fields optional. Hence, authors now can leave these fields blank when submitting directory details.

diningengine update 7

Optional menu photos:

In restaurant info box, there are two photo sections: featured images and menu images. Before, it is compulsory that author upload images in both sections to submit the content. Now, we have made some changes in version 1.2.1 when it is optional for authors to post image in menu part.

Better user interface display of text, icon and header menu

In this version, we also made change to improve the visual design of the site.

Better social network icons and text display:

Before, the icons for social network links seem to stick together and description text has quite big size.

diningengine update 8

In this new version, social network icons are repositioned more properly and text is more readable with new font size.

diningengine update 9

Proper header menu appearance:

Before the upgrade, menu appears on the left side instead of in the center.

diningengine update 10

Now, you can see a better header menu display on the site.

diningengine update 11

This is all update in DiningEngine version 1.2.1 we’d like to bring to you. Thank you for your constructive feedback over the time. We hope to receive more of your comments so that we could improve our dining directory WordPress theme better and better. If you have any question while updating DiningEngine version 1.2.1, you can send email to Our technical support staff will help you solve the concern.


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