Merry Christmas to our beloved customers,

How’s your holiday going? I believe everything is ready, beautiful decoration, happy Christmas melody, and also sweet gift boxes. Our team has some small gifts for you too, as sweet as technical it is, the new release of DirectoryEngine 1.9.6 and DE Multirating 1.4.1. Bugs in blog display and default map zoom are fixed; and the extension DE Multirating is compatible with directory listing theme, more responsive and supports SEO with Schema Markup.

DirectoryEngine 1.9.6 – Seamless blog and map display

DE Blog in homepage

The content details of the blog were not displayed in the homepage. However, the bug is fixed now so your articles will show up properly on your blog from the homepage.

Map Default Zoom works properly when Geolocation enabled

The settings of Geolocation could be found in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Map).

When you turned on Geolocation which required users to share their current location, the map default zoom did not work no matter how big or small you set for the zoom function. The issue is solved properly in this version. The map default zoom now operates seamlessly whether you enable or disable Geolocation.
directoryengine update 1.9.6 default map zoom

DE Multirating 1.4.1 – Compatible with DirectoryEngine 1.9.6

Together with the update of DirectoryEngine 1.9.6, we would also like to release the DE Multirating 1.4.1.

Dear our customers who have DE Multirating running on your WordPress directory listing theme, it is recommended that you update this extension to the latest version to be compatible with DirectoryEngine newest version and get responsive on different devices.

Support SEO with Schema Markup

Another update in this version is the addition of Schema Markup to support SEO.

Schema Markup is added to the rating system. What does this mean? It means when places on your directory website are searched and display on the searching result pages, the overall rating point of those places is included in place details. Thus, your places would provide users with more helpful information, increasing traffic to site.

Multirating update 1.4.1 schema markup

So, here you are with DirectoryEngine 1.9.6 & DE Multirating 1.4.1. Wish you a very merry Christmas, enjoy your holiday, and don’t forget to update your multipurpose directory theme. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please feel free to contact us via Our team are glad to talk to you!


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