DirectoryEngine version 2.1.1 has some bug fixes & improvements made on both mobile and desktop.

Bug fixes – Header display, “Load more” review, numbered list format & new place email notification

Better header display of “Submit a place”

When DE map is not added to the top sidebar in homepage, “Submit a place” button did not display properly when scrolled up from the page bottom. The bug is fixed in this version.

Load more in Review widget functions properly   

In a single place page, you can load to see more reviews on the right column but there was some issue with Load more button. We have solved this so it should run well now.

Correct format of bulleted and numbered list

Now when author edits his place, he can rest assure that the text formatted as numbered or bulleted list is displayed seamlessly as a list.

Notification email about new place submission

When Free place submission was enabled, the admin used to receive no email about new submitted places. This issue is solved now. Emails notifying new places will always be sent to the admin.

Improvement – View count on mobile, reCAPTCHA & images in review/comment

[Mobile] View count for each place

Besides ratings, view count is available for each posted place so that users can easily figure out which ones are popular.

DirectoryEngine update 2.1.1 - Mobile view count

To enable View count on mobile, go to Engine Settings → Settings → Content.

reCAPTCHA for better security

The security method reCAPTCHA from Google is now added to “protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease”.

reCAPTCHA is available upon Signup, Place submission, Comment & Review pages.

DirectoryEngine update 2.1.1 - reCAPTCHA in signup page

reCAPTCHA in Signup Page

DirectoryEngine update 2.1.1 - reCAPTCHA in Post a place form

reCAPTCHA in “Post a place” form

DirectoryEngine update 2.1.1 - reCAPTCHA in review-comment

reCAPTCHA in Review/Comment

You can turn on reCAPTCHA in back-end at Engine Settings → Settings → Captcha.

DirectoryEngine update 2.1.1 - reCAPTCHA in backend

Insert images into Review & Comment

Users now can not only write comment or review but also add images into their comments/reviews.

This feature can be turned on in the back-end at Engine Settings → Settings → Content. You can also restrict the images number inserted in a review/comment. The default maximum value is 6 images.

DirectoryEngine update 2.1.1 -  Insert images in review-comment

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