In DirectoryEngine v2.1.3, multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile.

Message successfully sent to place owner

Previously, a user could send the message to the place owner but the owner did not get the message. This bug is fixed now. The place owner will be able to receive private messages from other users.

directoryengine 2.1.3 - contact owner

Place owner can reply Private Email

Before, when the place owner used ET Mailing plugin, he could not reply the private email due to lack of sender’s email address. As a result, there had no way to contact the sender. In case the place owner responded the email, this one was sent to the admin.

This problem no longer appears in this version, Check it in DirectoryEngine demo.

Password protected runs seamlessly

Besides public places which can be seen by every site visitor, there’s a function in WordPress that allows you to create the password for specific places. These places are available to see on the website, but require users to type in the password to be able to read the details.

It was a bug when you could set the password for places in back-end, but the feature did not work in the front-end. We have solved this issue from this version.

directoryengine 2.1.3 - password protected in back-end

Set password in the back-end

directoryengine 2.1.3 - password protected in front-end

Password is required in the front-end

Display the exact number of category

Before, the number of categories displayed did not match with the one set in back-end. This bug is fixed in this version. 12 categories are shown if you set it 12, for example.

To activate this feature, Go to Pages > Home – Front Page. Select Edit and click on BACKEND EDITOR. In DE Category, choose “pencil” icon to edit.

directoryengine 2.1.3 - category setting


View: DirectoryEngine v2.1.3 Changelog.

Above are all new upgrades in the DirectoryEngine v2.1.3. Please feel free to contact us at for further help.


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