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This week we would announce the latest release of DirectoryEngine version 1.9.5 with improvements such as Visual Composer compatibility, new Color Scheme added, pending place notification bar, and some bug fixes.

[Improvements] Better UI & UX with Visual Composer, color scheme, new notification, and time format

Visual Composer compatibility

In previous version, there were some issues with Visual Composer plugin, causing ads not to be displayed properly.

Now, DirectoryEngine version 1.9.5 has better compatibility with Visual Composer plugin. You can be assured of seamless ads rendering in the homepage.

Color scheme in customizer bar for a uniform color for all your site

It used to take you tons of time manually setting color for each individual element on your directory WordPress site. However, the pain no longer exists. Now you have Color Scheme which automatically creates a uniform look for your directory listing website in just one click.

This new function is added to customizer bar and is displayed as an icon on the left of the website (see image).

directoryengine update 1.9.5

When you click on this icon, a Color Scheme appears. All you have to do is simply choosing a specific color, all elements are changed to the corresponding color. Then click Save to save the changes, or Reset to return to the default color.

directoryengine update 1.9.5 color scheme

Notification of pending places in site header

You no longer need to go to Pending places section to see all of them.

In this DirectoryEngine release, when logging in to your site, there’s a notification bar showing up right on the top of the homepage to help you have instant update of all pending places.

directoryengine update 1.9.5 noti bar

Notice that when you close this bar, it will disappear. And you have to log in again to be able to see the pop-up.

Only admin can set a place as claimable

When admin or user posts a place, there is an option to mark this place as claimable or not. This option used to be available for both admin and author.

However, from this DirectoryEngine version, this function is only available for admin account. 

Click here to understand more about how the flow goes for an author to claim a place.

directoryengine update 1.9.5 claim a place

24-hour time format

When user submits a place, there’s a section for choosing the Opening Time. The time format is now modified to 24-hour one, instead of the 12-hour, like this:

directoryengine update 1.9.5 opening time

For places with opening time following 12-hour format, the display is not affected. But when user edits the time, he has to set with 24-hour format.

[Bug fixes] Correct ads display order, proper translation, & geolocation icon option removal

Featured places put on top

In the homepage & user’s profile, the display order of all ads is rearranged so that places with featured flags would appear first.

This is the example when viewing places of Fine Dining category in homepage:

directoryengine update 1.9.5 featured places

In user’s profile:

directoryengine update 1.9.5 featured places (2)

Seamless translation in Opening Time box

Some texts were not translated properly in the last version. The issue is fixed now so that the system can translate all texts to one language.

Geolocation icon option removed

In back-end, there used to be a function that allowed you to customize the geolocation icon. In order to focus on core features & simplify experiences, this option is no longer available from this DirectoryEngine update.

Above is all new points we’d like to bring to you in DirectoryEngine version 1.9.5. Hope you could utilize these updates to optimize your multipurpose directory listing theme. If you have any problem updating DirectoryEngine version 1.9.5, please feel free to contact us via support@enginethemes.com. We are happy to talk to you!

  • Aashish
    Dec  16TH,  2015


    Thanks for DE 1.9.5 update.

    Is the theme compatible with WordPress 4.4 ? If so, should the users go ahead and update the theme.

    Thanks – Aashish

  • Felipe
    Dec  17TH,  2015

    I also like to know if this update is compatible with WordPress 4.4 ?



    • an nguyen
      Jan  13TH,  2016


      The theme works well with WordPress 4.4. Please use it for your site.


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