Hi guys,

We are happy to release the new version of EstateEngine 1.3. In this version, we fix bugs of rendering in homepage, log in site, blog details, & develop a new feature with which registered users can write reviews for other agents.

[Bug fixes] Proper display for better user flow

In this version, bugs relating to display are now fixed for better rendering and more appropriate user flow.

[Mobile] Log in and sign up site separation

When a user opened the log in site to your real estate listing theme on mobile, there was the sign up site showing up at the same time.

In EstateEngine version 1.3, this issue is resolved. Log in and sign up pages are separated.

Property price

In this update, when you choose to load more properties in the homepage, the displaying price on each property shows up correctly and seamlessly.

Service block in homepage

In the previous version, there was error with Visual Composer in Service block in homepage, like this:

estateengine update 1.3 service block

Now, it is restructured for better UI:

estateengine update 1.3 service block 2

Blog details

Under blog section, there was nothing but a blank page. However, we have fixed it and the content display works well now.

Filter bar

The filter bar is modified to be aligned with other elements on site.

This is the filter bar in the previous version:

estateengine update 1.3 filter bar

And here is the “after” version:

estateengine update 1.3 filter bar 2

Submit button in property detail and blog detail page

Submit button is also repositioned to be well aligned with the page.

Property detail site:

estateengine update 1.3 submit button

Blog detail site:

estateengine update 1.3 submit button 2

[New feature] Users can rate and write review for an agent

Besides bug fixes, we would upgrade your real estate listing site with a new feature: Agent Review. Before, users can only review property. But now, the review system is widened with the function of reviewing agents who post the property. With this option, users can rate and leave their opinions about the agents they experienced with. Other users could refer to these reviews to help them make decision.

*Note: Only users that have registered account on site could write reviews.

To use this new feature, you go to the profile page of the agent you want to write review, then click on “Write me a review”. A pop-up appears, you write review and submit.

estateengine update 1.3 agent review

All agent reviews need to be approved to go public. Admin will approve or deny agent reviews in Agent Review section in back-end. If a review is approved, it will appear in agent’s profile under Feedback section , and the reviewed agent will be notified of getting a new review.

These are all good news in this update we want to let you know. Hope you could utilize these updates to optimize your WordPress property listing website. If you have any problem updating EstateEngine version 1.3, please feel free to contact us via support@enginethemes.com. We are happy to talk to you!


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