Sticky threads

This must-have feature has been supported in ForumEngine v1.3. Administrators can now “pin” their important announcements or any trendy topics at the top of the thread lists, with a couple clicks on the new frontend control buttons.

If all sticky threads were at the top of the homepage list, it would push down the other threads and make the reading experience frustrating. So we decided to support different scopes for sticky threads: either only in category page or in homepage as well.

Clicking on the “star” icon next to a thread makes it sticky in its category’s thread list. Another click on the “global” icon will also pin it on the homepage list.

Sticky threads - WordPress forum theme ForumEngine

Email confirmation after registration

To help preventing spams in your forums, this week’s update include an option for admins to require their users to confirm their email addresses after registration.

When this option is activated, new users will receive an email with a confirmation link after registering an account. Until they visit the link to validate their email addresses, they won’t be able to submit new threads or replies with their newly created accounts.

Other included bug fixes

Implement #2257: Auto select category when user post a new thread in category page
Bug #2285: Fix notification height in mobile version
Bug #2286: Mobile version: redirect users to login/register page when they click on reply button when not currently logged in

  • Lily
    Mar  23RD,  2014

    Good work

  • DiMaNacho
    Mar  27TH,  2014

    Excelent work!,

    Question: Where can I suggest modifications? I really like forum engine and I wanna cooperate to make it a better system.

    • Anh Chau
      Mar  28TH,  2014

      Thanks for the kind words, @dimanacho:disqus. We’re glad you like the theme. You’re more than welcome to suggest us modifications and new ideas for ForumEngine. Please do so in our forums:

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