FreelanceEngine version 1.7.2 has bug fixes in display and function, and other improvements.

Bug fix: Display and function

Freelancers can select multi categories in Profile Details

Instead of 1 category, now freelancers can add many categories to show their skills in different fields.

Admin can set the maximum number of categories a freelancer can input in back-end (Engine Settings → Settings → Content → Maximum number of categories).

Credit number does not increase when users post project

When “Share role capabilities” and “Pay to bid” are enabled, a bug occurred in Credit system. Users posted project and paid via a payment gateway (except Cash), then the number of credits used for bidding increased. The problem is solved in this version, so that credit number would remain the same when users post project.

Freelancers added in back-end are properly displayed in front-end

Before, if admin added freelancers from back-end, their profiles did not appear in front-end due to the lack of some necessary fields. To solve this, these fields are now made default. Thus, these freelancers will appear in search results.

On the other hand, to get these freelancers to appear in the profile list, it is required that these freelancers login from front-end and then turn on the mode “Available for hire” and update their profile information.

[Mobile] Share role capabilities: Profile details tab added on employer account

Now on mobile, when “Share role capabilities” is turned on, the employer account has 1 more tab “Profile details”.

Other bug fixes
  • When a user changes his avatar, admin can see it from back-end in Users tab.
  • Email templates for FrE Credit are now available from the first time you set up the extension.

Improvement: New features

Enjoy creating testimonials on your FreelanceEngine website

Another new thing in this version is the Testimonial Block. With this, you can easily edit with Visual Composer and add customer testimonials to your site.

Post project: Can attach file excel

Another file type is supported in FreelanceEngine. Now employers can attach excel files (.xls, .xlsx) when posting projects.

Choose Country from a drop-down list

Before, in Profile details, in Country section, users manually input their country. From this version, you can create a list of countries for users to choose from.

Portfolio is uploaded without skill input

When uploading portfolio in profile, freelancers had to select skill for each portfolio. This requirement is removed from this version. Freelancers just need to input their skills above. Specific skill for each portfolio is optional.

Other improvements
  • “No Sidebar” page template
  • Open project in new tab from searching result page
  • Free bid notification improvement

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