FreelanceEngine 1.7.3 is more secure with reCAPTCHA, has new email about interesting projects, and fixes bugs with Credit, Custom Fields, social sharing.

Improvement – reCAPTCHA available, related project notification

reCAPTCHA available upon Signup, Post Project page

The security method reCAPTCHA from Google is now added to Signup, and Post Project page to “protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease”.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA in signup page

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - reCAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA in “Post a project” page

To enable reCAPTCHA in back-end, go to Engine Settings → Settings → Captcha.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - reCAPTCHA enabled

Receive emails about related projects

Employers have chance reaching more potential freelancers. On the other hand, freelancers can stay updated with many new projects that match his skills.

In profile detail, freelancers have the option of receiving emails about projects they might be interested in.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - Receive email option

You can edit the mail template in Engine Settings → Settings → Mailing.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - Mail template

Bug fix – Correct credit balance, Custom Fields on mobile, Project sharing on social

[FrE Credit] Credit balance correctly updated

In PayPal account, there’s an option of turning on Payment review.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - PayPal Payment review

What does this mean? When a user buys credits on your site and pays by PayPal account that has this option activated, his payment has to be approved by admin (the same as paying in Cash). After admin approval, the corresponding credit balance number is now properly updated to users’ account.

AE Custom Fields works on mobile

The custom fields are able to display on mobile version.

Can share projects to social network

Increase your site traffic and let users share their favorite projects to social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

FreelanceEngine update 1.7.3 - Sharing buttons

If you need further help, please drop a message at

  • DistinguishingSTyles
    Apr  10TH,  2016

    where is the “sass/pages/” part of the directory? I only see a “sass” directory under mobile.

    • Uyen Tran
      Apr  12TH,  2016

      We have already sent the latest version that including “sass/pages/” via email. Kindly double check on it and confirm with us.
      If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them!

  • allmyhoney
    Apr  14TH,  2016

    Hi there my site is location based rather than remote work. I am concerned that every freelancer who chooses to receive notifications from a category would get an email. Can a freelancer receive notifications based on how close the job is to them as well as the category?

    If you have 1000 freelancers assigned to a category you would definitely get black listed if you site sent out a lot of notifications as a result so it would be great to filter by location. I look forward to hearing if this is possible? Thanks

    • Uyen Tran
      Apr  15TH,  2016


      Thanks a lot for your interest in our product.
      FreelanceEngine was created to focus on the online job market. Thus, I’m afraid that it will not be fully suitable for your project.
      In FrE version 1.7.3, the notification via email was created. However, it’s based on the Category and it’s also all we have now.

      If you have any further question, please feel free to email to


      • allmyhoney
        Apr  17TH,  2016

        Thanks for the feedback, do you have plans yet in future releases to allow for location based projects rather than solely online / remote projects? Just wondering if you have anything in the roadmap that will use location or maps?

  • envirogex
    Apr  21ST,  2016


    Location based for both freelancer and Microjob would be great. Sell it as an Extension.


    • Uyen Tran
      Apr  22ND,  2016

      Hello Guys,

      We certainly appreciate your suggestion. It’s has been added to our list. This way it can be taken into consideration for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive.
      If you have any further question, please feel free to email to

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