FreelanceEngine update 1.7.4

In FreelanceEngine 1.7.4, multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile.

  • [New option] Automatic page creation can be turned off in back-end at Engine Settings → Settings → General.
  • [FrE Private Message] Now when you are at Profile Details tab and choose Inbox in your profile, the system will correctly redirect you to Message tab.
  • When country field in Profile Details is typed in manually, countries with more than 1 word in length are saved properly.
  • [Mobile] [Share role responsibilities disabled] Employer is not allowed to access Profile details of Freelancer.
  • In “Archived post” Email, link address to Dashboard is displayed correctly.
  • Footer does not disappear after users log in.
  • [Mobile] Better search box display in iPhone 4, 5.
  • Sub-categories are no longer shown as main categories in Advance search, and Post a project form.
  • No payment step is required when free pricing plan is chosen. To do this, set SKU as Free, and Price as $0 in back-end.
  • In Credit Changelog, the number of credits a freelancer receives for a project is shown accurately.
  • When users post a project, only links to Post, Page, Profile, Project are allowed.
  • In a project milestones, Admin can “Mark as close”.
  • Fatal bug in Profile is fixed.
  • Bug of FrE Milestone is fixed.

View FreelanceEngine 1.7.4 Changelog.
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