FreelanceEngine update

In FreelanceEngine v1.7.5, new features are improved & multiple bugs are fixed in both desktop and mobile to be compatible with WordPress 4.5.

Improvements: Private Message display order, new comment notification, files removal in Workspace

Change in Private Message display order

Previously, the private message was displayed from top to bottom. We found it inconvenient since this flow was not familiar with users. Therefore, we decided to change the display order of private messages with the most recent texts shown at the bottom (like Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, etc.) The input field is moved from the top to the bottom as well.

New comment notification

From this version, when someone posts a new comment, the admin will receive a notification to approve this comment in notification bar.

Can remove files in Workspace

Before, in the workspace, when adding a file, both freelancer and employer cannot remove this one. Sometimes, you might meet some problems due to this inconvenience. With this version of FreelanceEngine, it’s easier to delete any unnecessary files.

Simply click on the [X] button and everything will be done.

remove files


Insert link “Open Workspace” in the mail template

In this update, when the employer accepts a bid on a project, an email including a link of the Workspace will be sent to the freelancer. It’s more detailed to help you check and discuss with the employer.

freelanceengine 1.7.5 - insert link workspace in mail template

Other improvements:

  • First Name & Last Name are added in the registration form when you Sign up.

freelanceengine 1.7.5 - add first & last name

  • Besides, in the registration form, when you click on “Terms of service and policy” at the bottom, a new tab is opened instead of reloading page as before.
  • To boost the interaction with users, we decided to make a revision in the appearance of two buttons “Quit” & “Open Workspace”. With this change, users can focus more on “Open Workspace”. Besides, “Quit” button is also altered by “Discontinue” button, see this image:

freelanceengine 1.7.5 - open workspace & discontinue button

Bug fixes in notification, payment via PayPal

Successful payment via PayPal

When the employer accepted a bid, though all the payment steps were carried out as normal via PayPal, the payment was not successful.

This bug is properly fixed in this version. Thus, the users can payout as usual.

Correct project fee in PayPal

Another bug occurs after bidding a project. You might be confused when the price in the bid acceptance and the payment summary in PayPal are different. Don’t worry. In FreelanceEngine version 1.7.5, this bug is solved to avoid causing misunderstanding between freelancer and employer.

Can delete the notification

Before, the delete button did not work properly. Now, this bug is fixed, so you can easily remove any notification. Check it in FreelanceEngine demo.

freelanceengine 1.7.5 - delete notification

Reload the detailed project page after login

Before, when you bid a project without sign in, you were redirected to the homepage after login, which was not so logical. Thus, in this version, when you log in successfully, it will reload the detailed project page instead.

Profile & Project are disappeared in the Homepage

Since the Visual Composer version 4.11.2 does not support the old tab which FreelanceEngine has used as before. As a result, the customize in the homepage occurs bugs, the project and profile are disappeared. In this video, we will guide you how to remove old tabs and add new ones supported by Visual Composer instead.


Above are all new updates curated in the FreelanceEngine v1.7.5. We hope these improvements and bug fixes would effectively boost your freelance WordPress theme as well as your users would feel more satisfied with the new version.

View FreelanceEngine v1.7.5 Changelog.

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