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In FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6, the freelancer can “Resolved” a Milestone, the free package no longer exists, and other bugs are also fixed

No more Free Package when freelancers buy credit to bid

As the feature’s name says “Buy to bid”, Free pricing plan which is worth $0 is no longer available. You (admin) will be required to create a package whose price is greater than $0. Check it in FreelanceEngine Demo (Engine Settings > Settings > Freelancer)

FrE 1.7.6 - free package

Freelancers can “Resolved” a Milestone

Bug of FrE Milestone plugin has been solved. From now on, the freelancer can switch the status of a milestone to “Resolved”.

“Accept” button no longer exists after a freelancer’s bid is accepted

Before, there would be a problem on your project bidding site if the employer accepted a bid by PayPal Escrow system. Particularly, when the employer accepted a freelancer’s bid, all implements took place as usual and a successful notification was announced as well. However, “Accept” button was still displayed on the project detail page. Thus, other freelancers could bid that project again. This bug is fixed from this update.

FrE 1.7.6 - accept button

“Accept” button no longer exists after the freelancer’s bid is accepted

Display the exact number of Freelancer Profiles

Previously,  in profile listing page, the number of total freelancers was not displayed properly when you enabled the “Sharing Role Capabilities” (this feature permits a user to play 2 roles – employer and freelancer on the same site), see the image below:

FrE 1.7.6 - freelancer profile

Now, whether you enable or disable the “Sharing Role Capabilities” feature, the freelancer accounts are displayed the correct number.

Omit the notification in Profile Detail page

After signing up, freelancers must fill in information in Profile tab before doing anything on the site. However, the notification “You must complete your profile to do any activities on site” kept showing up. In fact, the freelancers were able to make the transaction on your website, but the notification would make them confused. Therefore, we have fixed the bug in this FreelanceEngine version, so that the notification won’t appear after freelancers have completed their profiles.

Other bug fixes in FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6

  • Menu header, footer no longer disappear in the profile listing page.

FrE 1.7.6 - header&footer

  • Admin can post projects on site (which means admin is the employer of those projects). When the dispute occurs with such projects,  the form used for sending money to either employer or freelancer is now available as in normal projects.
  • [Mobile] Now when the user clicks on “BLOG” in the Menu bar, it won’t redirect to the Homepage as before. Go to Settings > Reading in the back-end to set up the blog page.

FrE 1.7.6 - blog

The blog page setup in Dashboard

  • Bug of enabling reCaptcha in the Homepage is also fixed in this update.
  • From this latest version of FreelanceEngine, emails about new projects matching freelancers’ categories are sent to both the freelancer and admin.
  • The “Undefined” error no longer appears after successful payment.

View FreelanceEngine version 1.7.6 Changelogs.

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