FreelanceEngine v1.8.21

Improvement for messaging in workspace area

  • Automatically load all new messages
    In previous versions, when one side sends multiple messages rapidly, the other side only receives the latest message. This has been fixed in v1.8.21. All new messages will be loaded for the receiver instead of only the latest one.
  • Reduce server calls for new messages, therefore increase loading speed
    In previous versions, the frontend use WP Heartbeat API to check if there are any new messages. In case there are new messages, another request will be sent to server to retrieve them and show them afterward.
    In v1.8.21, if there are any new messages, the heartbeat response will also include the message data, therefore increase the performance.


  • allow special characters for work experience, certification, education fields in freelancer profile
  • fix new message format
  • fix notification for new messages, changelog
  • fix compatibility with FrE Milestones extension
  • code refactoring


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FrE Private Message v2.0

The main purpose of FrE Private Message is to allow employers to contact potential freelancers to invite them to bid on their projects. In the platform, employers should not be able to contact freelancers freely without talking about a specific project. However, if you really want this feature, we have added the settings to enable this in the extension settings page. Default set as disable.

After enabling “Direct Message”, a button “Contact me” will appear in the freelancer profile, allowing employers to send a message & start a conversation. This conversation will also be shown in the “Inbox” page, same as other conversations related to a specific project.

In v2.0, we have improved and fixed multiple errors related to the Direct Message feature:

  • Automatically load new messages
  • Add settings to enable/disable this feature
  • Add notification for this feature
  • Fix “Can’t sync this message” error
  • Prevent freelancers to contact other freelancers using this feature
  • Code refactoring



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