FreelanceEngine’s new menu

Along with FreelanceEngine’s full menu, we want to offer you another option to set up your site. You now can create a normal menu appears on the header.
You can easily set it up in the back-end by choosing “Standard header menu” for the menu location. It’ll then appear beautifully in the front-end as below.

new menu-FreelanceEngine

Add attachment

With FreelanceEngine v1.3.3, employers can add any attachment with project details, it can be a doc file, a pdf file or others. By this way, the posted jobs will become more informative and the freelancers can consider more before bidding on the project.



Setup number format

We know that, number and currency formats are different within different countries. With FreelanceEngine version 1.3.3, you now can set up the decimal and thousand separators for currency right in your admin panel. You are free to change the settings based on your preference.

number format-FreelanceEngine

Bugs fixes

• Fix “Mobile” issue:
+ Fix “Profile” issue: In the previous version, when you active the Escrow system, the profile page doesn’t have a section to insert PayPal email. The bug has been fixed now.
+ Fix “Flag” issue: The flags for Featured places are now displayed beautifully.
• Fix “Search” issue: you now won’t met any problem while searching the freelancers any more.
• Fix “Select payer” issue: Previously, the fee payer sender couldn’t be used if a primary receiver is specified. This issue has gone now.
• Fix “Rating” issue: The top rating profiles tab now display the right result.
• Fix “Display” issue: In the previous versions, if users fill in the experience details in the sidebar, the details spill out to the next column. You won’t meet this issue again.
• Fix “Package plan” issue: You now can create and post package plan without hassles. Also, the plans which are marked as “Urgent” will be displayed fine in the project listing page
• Fix bug when making payment via Escrow system.

  • Local Lancer
    Jan  28TH,  2015

    Awesome updates!! thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to your community

    • An
      Feb  09TH,  2015


      Please take a look at this website, it’s one of the live versions of FreelanceEngine.

      Thanks for your interest in our product.


  • Anthony Johnson
    Jan  29TH,  2015

    What About Location?

    • An
      Jan  29TH,  2015


      Would you please clarify your question a little bit more? We don’t really understand what we can help.

      Thanks for your interest in our product.

  • Andy
    Jan  29TH,  2015

    QAEngine need update too. At least to add captcha support to prevent bot registration.

    • An
      Jan  30TH,  2015

      Hi Andy,

      We’re having plan to update QAEngine and will release it soon.

      Sorry for the delayed update and any inconvenience it may cause.


  • lee
    Feb  09TH,  2015

    Hi all,

    was wondering if anyone has used this theme on their website with is live. i would love to see a live version. can the theme be edited for colour, images etc?

    please help x

    • An
      Feb  09TH,  2015

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for your interest in our product.

      You can take a look at this site, it’s a live version of FreelanceEngine:

  • Dmitry
    Feb  10TH,  2015

    Good job guys!

  • Shawn
    Feb  10TH,  2015

    Are there any other sites using the FreelanceEngine theme besides Hullnine? I am interested in seeing a working site using both projects being posted as well as freelancers.

    • An
      Feb  12TH,  2015

      Hi Shawn,

      Because the other sites is still in the process of building, we can’t give you the addresses.

      Once they’re ready to use, we’ll ask their permissions to show them in our showcase and you can see them.

      In the meantime, maybe you can visit our demo site and directly experience the features.

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