HotelEngine Classy & HotelEngine Comfy version 2.2 are now available with better mail templates, proper contact form, and seamless room list and currency display.


It’s been quite a while since our last update. I hope you are doing well with your hotel booking website. Today I would inform you of some new updates for the latest version of HotelEngine Classy & HotelEngine Comfy 2.2.

Better email templates

We have received feedbacks about our email templates. There’s no need to worry about this since we have corrected all the mails. See the below photos for details:

  • When a user books a room on your hotel booking website, he/she will receive a mail informing successful booking pending. This can be found in back-end (Booking Engine → Settings → Mailing).

hotelengine update 2.2 - mail template


  • Also, admin receives an email about the booking content. The template is in Engine Settings → Settings → Email Template.

hotelengine update 2.2 - mail template


  • After admin approval, an email of successful booking is sent to the user. You can find the template in Booking Engine → Settings → Mailing.

hotelengine update 2.2 - mail template

Comfortably update room info or add more room types on your site

Before, when you added new room or updated room information in back-end, the system had some error with this message:

hotelengine update 2.2

But now there’s no more warning. Enjoy adjusting your room list. The front-end display is in line with changes made in the back-end.

Proper currency display. $1000 or 1000$. Both run well.

In the back-end (Booking Engine → Settings → Payment) has the option of choosing the position of currency sign ($, €, £ for example) before ($1000) or after (1000$) the amount number. In the previous version, when choosing “After” position, the currency sign was still before the number. The bug is fixed now so it runs smoothly whether you choose before or after, like this:

hotelengine update 2.2 - currency sign

*NOTE: To be able to see Booking Engine and test its sub categories mentioned above, choose to view as “Classy with BookingEngine” or “Comfy with BookingEngine” in the Demo.

hotelengine update 2.2

A closer look:

hotelengine update 2.2

[HotelEngine Comfy] Send message in Contact form

The bug of being unable to send message in the contact form is fixed.

hotelengine update 2.2 - contact form

These are all good news I’m happy to give you for the latest HotelEngine Classy & HotelEngine Comfy version.

Should you have any issues with HotelEngine Classy or HotelEngine Comfy version 2.2, please feel free to drop us a line at Our customer service team are happy to talk to you.


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