Job posters receive an email when paying by Cash

When you post a job and pay by cash, a notice where to send the payment to appears right after you clicked the Cash button. But it takes only 10 seconds at most to see the note on the screen –perhaps enough time to read the full message. But just when you realize you need to copy the bank account number, Alas!… the message is gone.And once you miss it, the option left to get the account details is to contact the site’s admin.

So we added an email notification to every cash payment.

New mail template- JobEngine, job board software, WordPress job board theme

In backend, you will now see an email template “Sent to employers when they post a job and choose to pay by Cash” added to the list. If you need to modify the content, feel free to make your changes.

Still on emails, we fixed a bug that renders the special characters (- and &) incorrectly. The error occurred on the email subject but you should see the characters as they are by now.

We have also fixed the search function in 404 page so that when you are on the page, you can make a site search in Google.

In “Select an Author” for a job option in backend, the list only displays account’ names with Admin and Author roles. This means that if you want to assign a Company as an author for a job, you can’t simply do that. Now you can freely choose whether you want to assign an Admin, an Author, or a Company.

On free jobs, they will be automatically published Active if admin disabled “Pending Jobs.”

WordPress has also released version 3.5.2. We have updated JobEngine so everything will work smoothly with the new version.

Here’s the changelog for JobEngine v1.1.8:

Bug #704: Cent value does not reflect in Payments overview
Bug #681: Special Characters are not rendered properly in email
Patch #674: Notify customers when they open a link of desktop version on their mobile phone
Patch #669: Auto approve free jobs when “Pending Jobs” is disabled
Patch #668: Update themes & plugins for WP 3.5.2
Patch #667: Make customize style independent from multi blog
Bug #663: Select Author in back-end not include role: company
Patch #602: Renew option for a non-paid, non-active job
Patch #521: Send a notification email to employer when he posts a job and pays by Cash

  • Gildas
    Jul  16TH,  2013

    Hello guys!

    Keep going ! You are doing an amazing job so far !

    Best Job site template ever when the jobseeker module will be release :-p

    Easy peasy, i am teasing you dear EngineThemes Team!

    Have a nice day,


    • Anh Chau
      Jul  17TH,  2013

      Thanks for the kind words, Gildas! 🙂

      We’re looking forward to releasing the next version of JobEngine next week, which includes the (optional) jobseeker module. This release will be wrapped up with just enough features for the jobseeker section in your job board. We’re looking for progressively enhancing our JobEngine in the most steady way.

      We will keep you guys updated.

  • Tim
    Jul  26TH,  2013

    great! exactly what i need. the cash payment process was too limited for actual use. this is a step in the right direction 🙂 but….as always I have a question/request:

    there are still 2 major things missing:

    1. a unique ID/reference for the order -> so the employer & jobboard admin can identify the order in backend and dashboard. this ID needs to be in the email also. why? this is needed for the employer for his administration (to seperate payments for different job puchases) and also for the site admin, who needs to cross check the payment in bank account against the unpaid jobs (job plans).

    example: if 100 employers buy the same job plan, they all pay without any unique reference….how can the site admin know which payment is for which unpaid job (plan)?

    for this you need a placeholder that can be used in the email: [order_id] (maybe use the job id for this?)

    2. for legal and tax reasons, in most countries, the employer needs an invoice with the total order amount, including tax , excluding tax, the total amount of tax added and the tax percentage. i forsee issues with payments if this is not present in the email. if it is not a correct invoice, employers will not be able to put it in the books and therefore not pay at all….since it is not compliant to the rules. = lost orders and complaints.

    to achieve this you need:
    – an option to set the tax rate in percentage
    – placeholders, to put the info in the mail: [order_total],[order_ex_tax],[order_incl_tax],[tax_percentage] or something similar.

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